In a world moving quickly to provide digital transformation and continued digital experience growth, IT Operations is being asked to deliver more than ever.

Organizations must apply flexible, scalable AI-powered Automation to avert problems before they impact business in order to improve customer experience and make IT applications resilient. IBM is committed to the success of our customers to meet their organization’s IT needs. We are delighted to announce the Watson AIOps Customer Advisory Council, which provides a platform for us to partner with our customers on their journey to maximize AI and Automation efficiencies.

The Watson AIOps Customer Advisory Council brings IT industry and IBM leadership together to engage in dialogue around the changing IT operations market landscape. Our customers have already been a key sounding board to help us deliver new capabilities. This initiative formalizes our commitment to listen and co-create with our customers in driving the next steps in IT Operations – Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations – AIOps. The council’s events are designed to connect leaders paving the way to AIOps and foster peer collaboration across industries.

Members of the AIOps Customer Advisory Council represent diverse industries, team structures and digital infrastructures, but share a belief that artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to IT Operational data and deliver powerful and meaningful automation. Participating members serve in roles including Vice Presidents of Operations, Managing Directors and Head of Service Management. One of our founding members, T-Mobile, shared their excitement about IBM’s AI portfolio:

“T-Mobile has been working with IBM for many years. We have been evolving our tools and processes to integrate AI technologies into our full application stack. We are ready to explore using IBM’s AI capabilities in Watson AIOps Event Manager to quickly predict network anomalies and apply automated responses to resolve issues and deliver the best experience for our customers.”  — Michele Gehl, Vice President – Enterprise Solutions Delivery, T-Mobile

Events will be held in a virtual setting once per quarter. Council meetings will include a conversational roundtable to discuss how our customers are building automation-first cultures across IT and optimizing operations using AI across hybrid cloud environments. Topics will range from integrating DevSecOps processes, creating application-centric resource management, reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and other practices used to accelerate an organization’s journey to IT Operational excellence.

We appreciate the enthusiasm our members have offered to help us build the next generation of AIOps solutions. We look forward to collaborating through the Watson AIOps Customer Advisory Council. 

Learn more about the IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps here. If interested in exploring our best practices in the AIOps domain, visit our IBM AIOps & Management Community Site.

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