One automation platform, delivered where you need it most

The IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is an integrated platform of automation capabilities that helps you drive virtually all types of automation projects – large and small – at speed and at scale.

You can choose to deploy and run the automation platform in the environment that meets your needs best – your cloud, the IBM Cloud™ or on premises. Or you can use any combination of the three. Expect flexible automation deployment options that feature common automation tools and capabilities across all hosting environments.

Flexible deployment options to meet your specific needs

Your cloud

Do you manage your own cloud environment or use an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider? IBM offers the automation platform in virtualized containers that let you deploy and run the platform in the cloud of your choice, using Kubernetes or Terraforms.

And if you deploy using IBM Cloud Private (a Kubernetes-based container platform), you can move, modernize and automate workloads or build new cloud-native applications quickly. Automation on cloud has never been easier.

IBM Cloud

IBM’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is ideal for business leaders who want to get started quickly. Reduce the time and expense associated with managing your own hosting environment. Take advantage of our monthly subscription-based pricing that lets you scale with your specific growth.

Get the security, stability and elasticity of the IBM Cloud while you focus on running your core business. See how quickly automation software can deliver value.

On premises

If you aren’t yet running your own private cloud and public cloud isn’t an option, then the traditional on-premises installation may be for you.

Pursue a high degree of customization while still achieving scale. Act to securely deploy on your own infrastructure, behind your firewall.

What deployment environment is best for you?


Your cloud

IBM Cloud

On premises

Best for

Organizations that operate their own private cloud or that use a third-party IaaS provider. Organizations that want to focus on core business instead of focusing on IT.

Organizations that are still on their cloud journey or that are not able to deploy outside their own infrastructure.


  • Meet compliance or security requirements 
  • Control and flexibility in choice of infrastructure
  • Fastest time to value
  • Easy to get started and scale
  • Maximum control over the environment and security

Management of platform

Your team IBM Your team


Your team or third party

IBM Your team

Type of license

Perpetual license or monthly subscription

Monthly subscription Perpetual license

NHSBT delivers the first-ever heart transplant enabled by cloud

UK-based National Health Services Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) needed to allocate life-saving donor organs more quickly, so they used the automation platform on the IBM Cloud to automate the cumbersome 96-step process. NHSBT leaders were able to design and deploy a new allocation process in less than six months – more than four times faster than before.

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IBM offers a scalable platform for rapidly prototyping solutions that automates and augments critical business processes. With an established ecosystem and industry expertise, you can start quickly and scale to enterprise-wide deployment — without the fragmentation of platform and skills that is common to other providers.