Securely deploy automation apps and services on the IBM Cloud

By Lauren Anderson

As mentioned in the article What’s likely to stand in the way of a successful automation implementation?, successful automation — for all but the simplest projects — requires a combination of software capabilities beyond just workflow and process. For example, how will you consume and manage content, make changes to business rules without rolling out a new version of the entire application, or embed intelligence to take automation applications to the next level?

Being able to combine automation capabilities, as needed, is the underlying strategic value of having an automation platform. With a preintegrated set of essential software, you can automate business processes as a whole. You can build any automation application and then easily change it when necessary.

However, it can be hard to digitize and automate your business operations at the pace of customer and internal expectations. It helps if you can start small and grow quickly.

Start automating quickly on the IBM Cloud

It's now easier and faster to start automating work when you purchase IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business as a SaaS solution on the IBM Cloud™. Using a monthly subscription with FlexPoints, you can use different capabilities within the platform — automating decisions, designing and managing workflows, and managing content — based on need. You can easily shift products when things change or evolve.

FlexPoints are purchased in bundles, with one US dollar equal to one FlexPoint. Your FlexPoints can then be applied to different software components for the month. Whether you need more or less of one product in the platform, you have the flexibility to more easily scale and grow your automation projects.

Key benefits of this platform deployment option

  • A single sign-on portal gives you access to all platform capabilities from one location. From the portal, you can also access usage and other cross-platform reports.
  • AI and simple document training tools make data classification from unstructured documents simpler and faster.
  • You can reduce the need for IT involvement with a fully managed automation platform.
  • You can scale and grow at your own pace with the breadth of tools.
  • There are available services to help you define the scope of your project or execute.

You can deploy the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business on your cloud, on the IBM Cloud as a SaaS offering, on premises, or any combination of the three. Deploying it as a SaaS solution is good for quick win pilots, automation projects that need to be executed at speed and then scaled, businesses with minimal IT resources, or any business with a cloud-first IT strategy.

To learn more about this automation SaaS solution, check out the guidebook.

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