Product Overview

Act on insights from Twitter data using decision management

In this overview video, see how you can detect and automatically respond to local conditions that could impact your business using decision management.

Product Overview

Prevent and detect fraud using decision management

In this overview video, see how automating decisions can help banks detect and prevent fraud in near real-time and give customers a more personalized experience.


For business users: How to automate decisions in an online loan application scenario

In this demo, see how you can quickly create and update decisions, and then run a simulation before deployment to make sure the decisions behave as intended.


For developers: Get started with IBM Operational Decision Manager

In this demo, see how to quickly download and install IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers, available at no charge. Manage and update a decision service with business rules, then invoke that service to automate decisions.


New tool: Simplify decision automation in a discounting scenario

In this demo, see how IBM Decision Composer can simplify the modeling, authoring, sharing, testing and executing of business rules within enterprise applications.


How to make robots smarter with business decisions

In this demo, see how to enable software robots to consistently use the decision skills of subject matter experts by combining robotic process automation (RPA) and automated business decisions.


Guided product demo: Explore authoring and changing business rule decisions

In this guided demo (5 - 15 minutes), you’ll walk through a series of tasks to create, simulate and deploy a business rule to update a loan approval decision using IBM Operational Decision Manager.


Build a Decision Service

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll build a decision service for an online loan application. Learn how to manage decisions separate from business applications, author and test business rules, and simulate the impact of decision updates.

Business value and ROI

How decision management provides critical link to business agility

This white paper discusses how implementing operational decision management on the same scale and scope as automating business processes can make your business truly agile. 

Business Value & ROI

Banco Galicia goes paperless with significant service and efficiency gains

In this case study, learn how Banco Galicia eliminated the sluggish processes that prevented top-notch customer service using business process and decision management software. 

Business value and ROI

PNC Financial Services reduces manual loan application reviews by 80%+

In this case study, learn how PNC automated 50 business processes and put more than five million automated business rules in production to reduce the number of loan applications that needed to be reviewed manually.

Peer Reviews

"It's very business friendly and rock solid. We manage business rules within this product, and the benefit is that businesses can manage these rules themselves.”    – Architect, Energy/Utilities company

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