Deliver the right insights, to the right person, in real-time

Market-leading enterprises are defined by their ability to make smart, fast decisions based on the vast sea of data that they manage. Hidden in that sea are transformative insights about your business and your customers that can help you identify new revenue streams, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs. IBM offers a portfolio of physical and software-defined infrastructure and software applications to simplify your transition to an analytics-driven enterprise.

Data volume nearly doubles every two years.


of the world’s data was created in the last two years


exabytes of data are created each day

The building blocks to unlock the value of your enterprise data

Fast and actionable insights are an increasingly tall order as data resides in higher volumes, in greater variety, and in more locations throughout the enterprise. This, coupled with the complexity of multicloud environments, makes data management and integration challenging. IBM big data solutions address these challenges head-on and help put your data to work for competitive advantage.

Compute performance to accelerate insights

Analyzing large data sets quickly and efficiently requires the extreme processing power and high data throughput offered by IBM servers and IBM Z® mainframes.

Prepare for the future of analytics

IBM Power Systems™ servers deliver a scalable big data analytics platform to crush data-intensive workloads with ease in cloud or on-premises environments.

Capture insights as they happen

Convert transactional, operational, and other enterprise data into revenue opportunities by running real-time analytics on your mainframe.

Experience enterprise-level data-serving

Run analytics on the same powerful, secure system where your data resides. IBM LinuxONE™ speeds insights from a single source of truth.

Storage infrastructure architected for your data

The growing volume and the diversity of data types and sources requires flexible storage infrastructure and software to manage it all.

Consolidate storage for improved efficiency

Fully certified by Hortonworks, IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) provides the storage performance and flexibility to access, unify, and manage heterogeneous data from across the enterprise for Apache Hadoop, Spark, and other analytics workloads. ESS uses a combination of all-flash storage, IBM Spectrum Scale™ software, and IBM Power servers.

Make the most of your resources

Control complex, distributed big data and analytics workloads with IBM Spectrum Conductor™ and IBM Spectrum Symphony®. These applications accelerate time to insights by optimizing resource utilization, pooling compute resources, and enabling you to deploy and manage secure, multitenant HPC environments.


5 ways to turn data into revenue with cognitive content analytics

Improve performance across your organization by streamlining the process of analyzing data for day-to-day business needs and long-term decision-making.

Spark for Dummies

Learn about the state of big data today, along with how Spark can streamline and simplify the ways you interact with and extract value from it.

Why fast data management is essential for your business future

Forrester and IBM discuss the business and technology drivers at the core of the next wave of event-driven business applications.

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