IBM Z and Red Hat for your journey to cloud

With open technologies including Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Z can now be a full participant in your journey to hybrid cloud. Hear from Barry Baker, VP of Software for IBM Z – as well as several guests – about how IBM Z can be an integral part of your cloud infrastructure, leveraging consistent and standardized enterprise-wide operations.

Always on – striving for zero downtime

Your customers expect always-on availability and you need to continue to strengthen the resiliency of your core infrastructure to meet expectations. In this session, you’ll discover how IBM Z solutions can help you mitigate impact of disruption, recover more swiftly, and anticipate risks with AI to proactively identify and address IT issues that can impact resiliency.

Security: Delivering data privacy and protection with Encryption Everywhere

Data is the engine of business and must always be protected, but your data is spread across multiple clouds, data centers, countries, and ecosystems. How do you ensure the protection and privacy of your data as it flows through your ecosystem? Join Michael Jordan, IBM Distinguished Engineer, and his guest to hear how IBM Z enables unique capabilities to deliver encryption everywhere for your business.