The POWER9™ advantage

The latest addition to the POWER® processor family delivers blazing speed with up to 1.5x the performance of its POWER8® predecessor. Built on OPEN standards with accelerated bandwidth and compute options, this revolutionary architecture forms the foundation for your most advanced workloads.

What POWER9 can mean for you

Enhanced core and chip architecture for next-gen workloads

Enhanced core and chip architecture for next-gen workloads

  • Optimized for emerging algorithms to interpret and reason
  • Superior bandwidth, scale and capacity to ingest and analyze data
Processor family with optimized silicon for a range of platforms

Processor family with optimized silicon for a range of platforms

  • Scale out for HPC and next-gen apps
  • Scale up to 16 sockets to deliver the performance and capacity needed by the most-demanding enterprise workloads
Premier platform for accelerated computing with maximized bandwidth across the stack

Premier platform for accelerated computing with maximized bandwidth across the stack 

  • Ultra-high bandwidth CPU-GPU interconnect delivers ~ 4x faster training times
  • OpenCAPI™ interface offers open, coherent, high bandwidth communication to NICs, FPGA accelerators, and storage controllers



max I/O bandwidth vs. x86


high performance cores vs. x86


more RAM supported vs. x86


more memory bandwidth vs. x86

Emerging analytics, AI and cognitive

  • New core for stronger thread performance
  • Delivers 2x compute resource per socket
  • Built for acceleration – OpenPOWER solution enablement
  • Extreme processor performance with accelerator bandwidth and reduced latency


  • Highest bandwidth GPU attach
  • Advanced GPU/CPU interaction and memory sharing
  • High bandwidth direct attach memory
  • Coherent memory and virtual addressing capability for all accelerators
  • Open and flexible solutions built for a broad range of deployments and platforms


  • Power / packaging / cost optimizations for a range of platforms
  • Superior virtualization features: security, power management, QoS, interrupt
  • Industry-leading IO subsystem with PCIeG4 to deliver 2x bandwidth to network and storage devices
  • The ideal platform for hardware acceleration
  • Ideal platform for developers, enabling open innovation


  • Large, flat, scale-up systems up to 16 sockets
  • Buffered memory for maximum capacity (up to 4 TB / socket)
  • Leading RAS
  • Over 120 MB of last level cache (>3x Skylake LLC size)
  • State of the art I/O and acceleration attachment signaling
  • Promotes ecosystem enablement

CORAL supercomputers: fueled with POWER9 technology

What if you had a computer that could handle more than two hundred quadrillion calculations per second, or roughly five hundred thousand times the number of stars in the Milky Way? And, could store the entire world’s social media data in one place? What if that super computer was already deployed and beginning to run test cases?

IBM, Nvidia, Mellanox, and Red Hat have worked together to create Summit and Sierra for Oak Ridge (ORNL) and Lawrence Livermore (LLNL) National Labs. These state-of-the-art supercomputers are built with everyday IBM POWER9 processors and IBM Storage that will run traditional HPC workloads and AI workloads. They were not developed as highly customized, one-off systems seen in previous HPC solutions.

IBM’s POWER9 is literally the Swiss Army knife of ML acceleration as it supports an astronomical amount of IO and bandwidth, 10X of anything that’s out there today.

Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy,

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