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Hear from some of the finest minds exploring the areas of quantum computing, AI, automation, and cyber security. These groundbreaking scientific innovations and curiosity will help create a better future.

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At Think Summit Australia & New Zealand, we hosted over 2000 business leaders, policy advisors, educators, innovators, artists, athletes, media and industry analysts. We explored how our circumstances present both new challenges and new opportunities, making it the perfect moment to pause and think about the big questions around the nature of innovation, partnering, cybersecurity, skills and sustainability. Whether you missed the event on the day or simply want to enjoy it again, you can experience Think Summit Event highlights and be inspired for the year ahead.

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IBM Cloud Innovation Exchange hosted over 2000 clients and business partners at Sydney International Convention Centre on 12 November, 2019, hearing from leading researchers, technologists and clients discuss how cloud is enabling businesses to solve problems they haven’t been able to previously. The convergence of hybrid cloud, data and AI is transforming businesses and reshaping entire industries.

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IQPC and IBM: The fast track of hyper-automation

Discover how you can improve speed to market, enhance organisational productivity and customer experience through AI-infused business automation tools and frameworks

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Join this webinar to hear how Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) effectively leverages the "4-point Diamond" of People, Processes, Technology and Data to achieve outstanding counter-fraud results and how IBM Safer Payments enables BNZ to turbocharge their existing competencies and drive continuous improvement.

Corporate Risk and Fraud Detection - How to protect payments from fraud, featuring fireside chat with Bank of New Zealand

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While complex and sensitive workloads are being shifted to the public cloud on a global scale, many benefits of cloud remain unexplored.

Hear insights and real-world examples from IBM Fellow, VP and CTO for the Cloud Platform, Jason McGee, and learn how IBM’s cloud platform can streamline processes and deliver improved services.

Public, open and secure – The future of the cloud in government

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The financial services industry is facing disruption on several fronts. And while cloud presents a great opportunity, it also represents a significant shift in strategy and possible compliance challenges.

In partnership with iTnews, IBM has brought together global experts on cloud computing for financial services sector to discuss effective cloud migration strategies for financial organisations.

Secure, compliant, innovative - the future of cloud for financial services

On-demand webinar

Join this webinar to understand how intelligent operations, DevSecOps, application and multicloud management solution can boost agility and flexibility for your business, whilst reducing ITOps expenses by up to 75%.

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