Why does a hybrid environment matter?

A hybrid environment with multiple types of data and analytic platforms can improve data performance for multiple use cases at cost-effective scale. As more data moves to the cloud while other information remains on premises, a hybrid architecture can help you add new and different data stores without changing queries.

Take advantage of build-once, deploy-anywhere simplicity with queries, reports and analytics that are data-store agnostic for increased flexibility and agility. IBM fully integrates Apache™ Spark® and the management of all types of data, whether in relational databases, content repositories, Apache™ Hadoop® or other open source data stores, NoSQL databases, and more.

How to use data architecture

Do more business with the IBM dashDB Family

When you need to tackle more data, more needs, and more users, the IBM dashDB Family can help you do more business without breaking stride! Learn more about this family of database and data warehousing solutions.

How to use data architecture

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