What is IBM Hybrid Data Management?

IBM Hybrid Data Management is a complete family of AI-empowered solutions that can translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures, so enterprise architect leaders can build an optimized foundation for managing and analyzing data. With AI integrated into data management solutions, IBM Hybrid Data Management powers predictive and proactive actionable insights around customer behavior that can grow market share, reduce costs and enable successful AI initiatives.

IBM’s data management solutions have long fueled data-driven businesses of all sizes and industries. On-premises, private cloud and public cloud deployment models, including open source options, provide the flexible data foundation required to succeed in a multicloud world. IBM data management solutions — with options for on-premises, private cloud and public cloud deployments — have embedded AI technologies to intelligently improve performance and functionality and enable the development of AI applications. Read more.

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IBM Db2 on Cloud

Gain a fully-managed SQL cloud database that offers the advanced data management and analytics capabilities of an on-premises database without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Increase performance and optimize analytics at a massive scale with this elastic, fully managed cloud data warehouse service, powered by IBM BLU Acceleration® technology.


Accelerate processes in big data environments with low-latency support using a hybrid SQL on Hadoop engine for ad hoc and complex queries. A single database connection connects disparate sources.

IBM Db2 Event Store

Ingest event data while performing real-time analytics using this in-memory database. With IBM Watson® Studio built in, Db2 Event Store offers collaborative data science tools and support for machine learning models.Ah

“The migration from Oracle to IBM Db2 — it was well worth the journey. I would make this move again and again and again.”

⁠— Rod Masney, CIO, Owens-Illinois

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