Are you creating data lakes or data swamps?

60% of all big data projects fail to go beyond experimentation, says Gartner.

Dumping data into a Hadoop or a Hortonworks data platform alone won’t accelerate your analytics efforts. Without a clear data collection, governance strategy and analysis in place – they won’t be able to find it, trust it or use it.

A governed data lake contains clean, relevant data from structured and unstructured sources that can easily be found, accessed, managed, protected and analysed.

Reimagine your workflows

The Ladder to AI


Collect data – Make data simple and accessible
A strong data foundation is the first step to realizing the full power of AI. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning best work when you can access all your data regardless of its location, whether it is in traditional RDBMS, Hadoop Stores or in NoSQL databases. There is no AI without IA.

IBM and Hortonworks: Accelerating data-driven decision making. brings data science, machine learning and deep learning to all data, no matter where it resides.

The partnership between the two companies will be designed to deliver an integrated and open data science and machine learning platform. It is designed to provide businesses with the power, elasticity, and speed necessary to help them achieve the most beneficial analytic results.

IBM Big SQL, a powerful SQL engine, will help businesses manage analytic or operational workloads with sophisticated federation capabilities. Big SQL can execute highly complex analytical SQL, combined with multiple data storage options like Hadoop, DB2, and others.

Hosted enterprise solution for analytics and data science

IBM® Hosted Analytics with Hortonworks® (IHAH) is a scalable data platform with enterprise ready tools and services, all working together to meet your modern day Big Data Analytics needs.

The foundation of this solution is the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Also included is IBM Db2® Big SQL which infuses Db2 performance and complex ANSI SQL capabilities on Apache™ Hadoop®. This enables data engineers and business users to easily query data. The IBM Data Science Experience Local (DSX) is added to empower data scientists to embrace collaboration, develop and manage machine learning models.

The IBM Hosted Analytics with Hortonworks offer provides one solution to store, explore and score Big Data

IBM & Hortonworks

#1 Data Science Platform (Source Garter #1 SQL Engine for complex, analytical workloads Leader in on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions

#1 Pure Open Source Hadoop Distribution 1000+ customers and 2000+ ecosystem partners

IBM Hosted Analytics with Hortonworks - another mystery solved

Organise Data – Create a trusted analytics foundation

Is your data trustworthy and a source for insights and intelligence?

Protect the integrity and reliability of your data through governance policies. Keep your data compliant and audit-ready by building a clean, governed data lake.

IBM Unified governance and integration platform built on the flexibility of an open data platform, best-in-class security and governance, it helps you create a trusted analytics foundation to meet the demands of your enterprise on any platform — on premises, on cloud and in a hybrid environment — at any scale.

IBM BigIntegrate® is a big data integration solution that provides superior connectivity, fast transformation and reliable, easy-to-use data delivery features that execute on the data nodes of a Hadoop cluster.

IBM's data governance solutions helps improve IT productivity, while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (IGC) helps govern both structured and unstructured data. You can create, manage and share a common business language, document and enact policies and rules and track data lineage.

Combining with Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) allows you to put collected metadata into the hands of knowledge workers while still adhering to enterprise governance requirements.

Analyse Data – Scale Insights on demand

Enable access to the latest AI technologies

After organizing the data in data lake - you want to enable the developers and data science teams in your organization to build and train AI & machine learning models. To ensure success- you want to provide a flexible and open source friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can analyse both data in your public cloud and behind the firewall while providing access to the latest open source tools esp. as open source ML/DL libraries become extremely popular.

IBM Watson Studio provides tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data to build and train models at scale. It gives you the flexibility to build models where your data resides and deploy anywhere in a hybrid environment so you can operationalize data science faster.  Key features include:

Automate data – Apply Machine Learning Everywhere

Reimagine your application workflows with Machine Learning

Once you have a robust governed data lake in place and you are able to provide access to latest data science tools and libraries to your team, the next step is to harness the power of machine learning (ML) everywhere. You would want to enhance your business applications with automating your ML models building a continuous delivery of insights. Applications workflow would collect fresh data and feeding into the data science model to make it more accurate.

IBM Cloud Private for Data is a robust end-to-end platform for all data and analytic needs within your enterprise. It can enable your organisation to access a vast array of enterprise data sources on-premises and in the cloud, while applying data management, governance, and analytics capabilities within a private cloud setting.

A well-integrated collection of microservices built on cloud native architecture, IBM Cloud Private for Data:

Customer success stories

Jakarta Smart City

Transforms the responsiveness of public services with big data analytics of citizens’ feedback. With a big data platform that analyzes an average of 40,000 items of feedback per month, Jakarta Smart City can make faster decisions while laying a foundation for IoT services in the future

AMC Networks

Capturing new viewers, predicting ratings and adding value for advertisers in a multi-channel world AMC Networks is using IBM analytics to understand viewing patterns across traditional and digital channels, make smarter scheduling and marketing decisions, and win new viewers and advertisers.


Brings timely, reliable trading opportunities to customers’ fingertips by providing a robust, flexible and highly scalable platform to support ongoing growth.

JB Hunt

A large transportation company in the US reduces the amount of unnecessarily stored data by 94.2% to help cuts costs and risk, increases auditability and eases compliance when it integrates a new data retention regulation using IBM Optim and StoredIQ solutions.

1-800, an online retailer built a Master Data Management (MDM) system using IBM solutions that helps them deliver a more seamless customer experience across multiple brands and channels thereby improving the quality of customer data and enabling deeper insight.


To protect its clients and its reputation, insurer CZ needed its systems to comply with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. IBM helped CZ create masked, privacy-protected subsets of its production data, empowering testers to deliver high-quality software while keeping clients’ data safe.

Genpact cuts cost by 35% with IBM Analytics on cloud

Genpact, a global professional services firm catering to several Fortune 500 companies operating in 16 countries, cut operational costs by 35% with IBM Cognos Analytics.


Fleetpride keeps the wheels of commerce moving

At Fleetpride, 99.5 percent of warehouse packing tasks are now error-free, thanks to IBM Analytics.


Grupo Boticario predicts better now

Predictive analytics helps the world’s largest perfumery and cosmetics franchiser understand what customers want, before they even know they want it—enabling smarter sales, marketing and production planning.