Analytics acceleration

Gain synapse-fast insights from cognitive computing

An idea conceived at sunrise could disrupt an entire industry by nightfall. Your IT infrastructure must deliver extreme performance to execute real-time analytics on volumes of big data. IBM produces the IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads that can help you set the pace for innovation.

Data-centric design

Transform big data into competitive advantage

Cognitive computing relies on data – massive amounts of it. Done right, big data lets your business sense, learn and adapt. That requires a systemic approach to infrastructure.

Fuse data-centric design and accelerated analytics for insights at the speed of thought

A data-centric architecture is only valuable if your infrastructure has the power to uncover insights. And cognitive computing can only produce results when your data foundation is rock solid.

The combination of the two can generate insights that allow you to thrive in today’s dynamic markets. IBM provides the IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads that joins:

  • Compute capabilities created for complex analytics
  • Data storage built for ingesting diverse data types and sources
  • Intelligent workload management designed for scale-out environments
  • Intelligent data management tailored to place analytics and data in close proximity

Big data will put real power behind the future of IT.

Dr. Piers Nash, Director of Business Development & Outreach, University of Chicago's Center for Data Intensive Science

No Filter IT: Real conversations about IT infrastructure

Beginning your cognitive journey

No Filter IT: Starting a cognitive journey

In this episode of No Filter IT, AWoX Director of Business Development Olivier Carmona and IBM Watson Leader Helene Quilland discuss how the right IT infrastructure helps companies begin to apply cognitive solutions to customer challenges.

Turning Data Insights into Business Value

No Filter IT: Accelerating Innovation With Cloud

Sit down for an unfiltered conversation with Dr. Shuang Chen, CEO of Huaxia Express, and Peter Lee, CTO at IBM, in Beijing, China, as they discuss how cognitive technologies and analytics acceleration are transforming the transportation industry in China.

No Filter IT videos: Outthink status quo over coffee with IT thought leaders.  Grab a cup.

IT infrastructure assessment

Do you have what it takes to compete as a cognitive business? Take our assessment to find out.

  • Get insight and action steps to help you compete effectively and successfully deliver in the cognitive era.
  • Learn how to shift from operations management to stimulating innovation – with infrastructure built for cognitive business.

Check out what’s trending

Explore cognitive business transformation at IBM World of Watson.

How can a digital business transform itself into a cognitive business?

IT leaders can deliver greater value to their business with IBM cloud infrastructure. Gain insights and explore cognitive business transformation at IBM World of Watson, October 24-27.

Gaining cognitive insight into energy

Using analytics to keep the lights on

IBM cognitive analytics is playing an expanding role in keeping utilities running—and providing customers with power, even during high-demand periods of electricity use.

Real-time analytics with IBM z System

The power of real-time analytics

Your business gains competitive advantage by having the right answer, at the right time, at the right place. In order to drive immediately actionable insights, the IBM z Systems teams developed a new subsystem that combines superior transactional processing and real-time analytics.

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