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The future of cloud is here

Disruptors recompose their business to innovate with new-found speed. As the #1 provider of hybrid cloud for the enterprise*, IBM offers expertise and an open-by-design cloud that enables the composable business with:

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Announcements on hybrid cloud

We are expanding our Bluemix platform to further our leadership in hybrid cloud with a range of new capabilities and services, spanning containers, secure gateways, APIs, operational visibility and much more.

Hybrid cloud from IBM enables digital transformation

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Drive digital innovation and rapid service delivery by recomposing existing systems and processes. With flexible deployment, a catalog of cloud services and data integration tools, Bluemix is our digital innovation platform that enables new ways to engage with customers.

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Rock-solid infrastructure options:
Private, public and managed

Choose from a range of rock-solid infrastructure components to build your private cloud.

Systems for private/hybrid cloud

Choose from a range of integrated, enterprise-grade IaaS offerings, including self-managed and fully-managed options.

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SoftLayer IaaS

Orchestrate, manage and
secure cloud service and data

Orchestrate, manage and secure cloud service and data

Accelerate and improve service delivery with solutions that deploy and manage workloads across all cloud models. Coordinate app lifecycle management with tools that deliver strong interoperability across both traditional and modern applications. With operational visibility, prevent, pinpoint and resolve problems and bottlenecks.

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Build and continuously deliver
innovative cloud applications

Enable experimentation and rapid iteration of cloud app development with a hybrid environment. Deliver workloads flexibly across clouds from different vendors, on-premises or off.

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Explore DevOps and platform as a service

Build, integrate and continuously deliver cloud applications


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