Modernize existing apps and build new cloud-native apps

The IBM Cloud Pak™ for Applications provides a complete and consistent experience to speed development of applications built for Kubernetes, using agile DevOps processes. You can easily modernize your existing applications with IBM’s integrated tools and develop new cloud-native applications faster for deployment on any cloud.

Running on Red Hat® OpenShift®, IBM Cloud Pak for Applications provides a hybrid, multicloud foundation built on open standards, enabling workloads and data to run anywhere. A self-service environment combines open source tools with your existing middleware for continuous compliance and visibility across secure, hybrid, multicloud environments.

Accelerate innovation, while leveraging existing investments by transitioning traditional applications to the cloud in a cost-effective way that makes sense for your business.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is one of a set of IBM Cloud Paks that speed up your move to cloud

Quick innovation while modernizing investments is critical

Enterprises embark upon digital transformation and a journey to cloud-native because of business goals. IBM Cloud™ Paks running on Red Hat OpenShift pave the way for the enterprise to move to cloud, giving them the ability to add new features quickly or scale up or down, depending on changes in demand. In addition, IBM Cloud Paks can pave the way for better data security and lower costs.

Source: IBM cloud-native thought leadership research, IBM Institute for Business Value

75% of non-cloud apps will move to cloud in 3 years and 66% will migrate via lift and shift or modernization

Benefits of this approach

Develop cloud native apps

Adopt a common model based on containers and microservices.

Innovate and leverage investments

Understand when to refactor, replace, move or maintain existing apps with data.

Create an agile DevOps culture

Connect newer models of app development and microservices with capabilities of existing middleware databases and processes through DevOps practices.

diagram of how IBM Cloud Pak for Application works with data

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Develop innovative cloud-native applications using the tools and runtime of your choice.  IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is an enterprise-ready, containerized software solution for modernizing existing applications and developing new cloud-native apps that run on Red Hat OpenShift. This hybrid, multicloud foundation breaks down technology and data silos to make modernization faster and more secure, and speeds development of applications built for Kubernetes, so you can access cloud services — all while meeting the technology standards and policies your company requires.

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