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IBM watsonx is an AI and data platform designed to help you deploy and embed AI across your business. Get started by exploring these high-impact use cases

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Boost employee productivity with retrieval augmented generation (RAG)

Build a questions and answers resource from your data by using the generative AI capabilities of IBM® watsonx.ai™ AI studio and the data store functions of IBM® watsonx.data™. Create data-driven insights to accelerate decision-making and provide contextual responses based on near real-time information.

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Get chatbots up and running quickly

Deploy voice agents and chatbots quickly with IBM watsonx™ Assistant, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) application powered by large language models. Deliver automated self-service support across channels and touchpoints, enabling integration with other business tools.

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Reinvent customer experiences with your data

Use your business data and build, train, tune and deploy your models on watsonx.ai and integrate them into your existing chatbots to help deliver contextual responses. Consistently monitor your models for accuracy, drift and bias with the IBM® watsonx.governance™ toolkit for AI governance.

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Enable developers to code efficiently 

Enhance developer productivity with AI-recommended code based on natural language inputs or existing source code. With IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant, you can help reduce coding complexity to enable development teams to focus on driving value for the business.

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Unlock insights and uncover trends hidden in your data

Build AI models by using watsonx.ai AI studio to extract insights from both structured and unstructured data stored on watsonx.data or anywhere else. Uncover patterns to make better predictions and accelerate data-driven decision-making to help drive growth and efficiency.

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Create content quickly with generative AI

Harness the watsonx.ai AI studio to build models to generate various content types, such as ideas for marketing and sales campaigns, emails, blogs, social media posts, automated reports, scripts and more. With watsonx.governance, monitor your models for accuracy, drift and bias.

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Scale your AI models with your trusted data

Unify, curate and prepare your business data with the watsonx.data to build AI models. Run use cases such as RAG at scale with large sets of your trusted, governed data while enabling integration with your existing databases, tools and data stacks.

Harness data with IBM watsonx.data →

Manage your AI with end-to-end governance

Streamline compliance processes and govern your entire AI lifecycle with the IBM watsonx.governance toolkit. Proactively detect and mitigate risks, such as fairness, bias and drift while also managing AI models from various providers.

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