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Gain prioritized, actionable threat intelligence

To keep up with the increasing volume of cyberattacks, most enterprises rely on external threat intelligence to supplement their own internal security data. To be truly effective, cyber threat intelligence needs to be actionable, reliable, contextual and insightful. It needs to help you filter out the noise and focus on the most dangerous threats, identify and address threats that could be affecting your business right now.

Threat Intelligence Insights offers detailed, actionable threat intelligence that helps you identify and prioritize the threats most relevant to your organization–based on your organizational profile and environmental telemetry. Once you detect a threat, seamlessly investigate threats and indicators of compromise (IOCs) across multiple siloed sources, and remediate cyber threats – all from a single console – leveraging the integrated applications on IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

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Key Highlights

Reduce investigation time

Separate the signal from the noise with an adaptive risk score that allows you to prioritize relevant threats.

Increase environment visibility

Scan your connected data sources to search across your environmental assets for malicious indicators.

Act fast

Quickly and efficiently resolve your threat by seamlessly moving from threat intelligence to investigation and remediation.


Actionable threat intelligence

Act upon threat intelligence derived from X-Force Threat Intelligence Reports, which provide contextual information about threats across IBM’s global managed footprint as well as intelligence from live breaches and the unique threat hunting database from the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team.

Relevant threat prioritization

Prioritize threats with the X-Force Threat Score, an adaptive score, that takes into consideration threat severity, malicious indicators, your organization profile and threats found in your environment.

Active threat identification

Identify threats active in your environment with ‘Am I Affected’, which runs continuous and automated searches across connected data sources.

Frequently asked questions

What is Threat Intelligence Insights?

Threat Intelligence Insights is an app on Cloud Pak for Security that delivers unique and relevant threat intelligence prioritized for your organization. It seamlessly integrates with other apps on Cloud Pak for Security to further continue the investigation and remediation processes.

Where does Threat Intelligence Insights source its information from?

The information provided by Threat Intelligence Insights on any type of search is sourced from internal infrastructure and databases, as well as from open-source content and third-party partnerships. X-Force Premier Threat Intelligence Reports are curated and published by the X-Force IRIS team.

What is included in the X-Force Premier Threat Intelligence Reports?

The X-Force Premier Threat Intelligence Reports are curated and published by the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services team. There are five types of reports including: Threat Activity, Malware Analysis, Threat Group, Industry Analysis and Early Warning Research.

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