Addressing today’s technology challenges

We recognise that today, how care is delivered is changing fast, and digital capability is needed to support these changes. Unfortunately, existing technology platforms in healthcare can be a blocker.

The transition  to cloud can free up your hospital or healthcare organisation to innovate and reduce costs. It addresses the technology challenges of today whilst providing a route to new ways of working for the hospital, your staff and most importantly your patients.

Why public cloud?

Resilient and secure

Data vulnerabilities can be monitored, and infrastructure is built to protect against cyber attacks.

Open by design

Allows new technology and data to be more easily incorporated into your solutions and supporting new ways of working.

Connected, integrated and flexible

Can enable an organisation to operate as an interconnected system through modern tooling, modern techniques and high levels of automation.

Improve efficiency and service performance

Helps to address longstanding technical debt and provide the highest level of availability for care-critical systems.

Next steps on your journey to cloud

Discover the real costs of not moving to cloud and three key steps your organisation can take to get where you need to be, no matter where you are today.

Services to plan your journey to cloud

Journey to Cloud Roadmap

Through an initial 3 step process we can help you develop a roadmap that considers the complexity of your existing estate without compromising patient care.

Cloud Strategy Operating Model

Provides actionable strategies, business case content, and roadmap to lay a solid foundation for serving business needs on cloud platforms through a vendor agnostic model.

Application Modernisation Roadmap

Provides application portfolio analysis, modernisation options for those applications and a cost–benefit analysis for modernising.

Managed Services for Cloud

Services to help you confidently manage digital transformation of your organisation and the underlying Hybrid or Hybrid Multicloud environment.

Public Cloud

Designed to enable higher levels of compliance, security, and management, with proven architecture patterns and methods for rapid delivery.

Migration to Cloud

Move core applications to any cloud faster, with containerised, open source, enterprise-ready software solutions.

How can IBM support you?

We will help you navigate your cloud journey to ensure you can move to and take full advantage of your cloud environment, without interrupting patient care. We can help you on your digital transformation journey, no matter where you are today. We can work together to define your goals and map your needs, supporting you at every step.

We have expertise in cloud platforms that are open, vendor neutral and have security at their core. We have a wealth of experience of successfully migrating our partners' critical applications to the cloud where the technology, approach and method are industry agnostic.

Get to where you need to be with the right partner for your digital transformation journey.