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IMS Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS

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Gain efficiency and reduce reorganization maintenance time

IMS™ Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS® provides an integrated database reorganization infrastructure for IMS full function databases. It reorganizes the database more quickly and efficiently by running unload, reload, index-building, and image copy tasks concurrently if the database has no logical relationships.

Eliminating multiple steps yields greater efficiency and can help improve IMS availability and performance. It includes all the features and functions of IMS Parallel Reorganization for z/OS, V3.2.

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Gain thorough support Supports the creation, customization, and centralized storage of policies on database exception detection and conditional reorganization.
Add Smart Reorg utility Provides Smart Reorg utility with the capabilities of the exception notification and conditional reorganization based on policies stored in a centralized policy repository.
Better determine reorganization needs Collects statistical data about databases and determines the reorganization needs of the databases based on the reorganization policy selected for the database.
Get needed alerts Detects database exceptions and notifies the TSO users or z/OS® operators that are specified in the relevant policy of the exceptional state.

IMS Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS details

Reorganizing the IMS database Using the following tools, you can reorganize the IMS database into a shadow database – essentially a new copy of that database. For IMS™ Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS® to run operations in parallel, the shadow data sets need DASD workspace to be the same size as the workspace for the input data sets. The original data sets can be deleted automatically when the name-swapping operation between the original and shadow data sets ends.
IMS High Performance Unload
IMS High Performance Unload extracts the data from the input database and passes it to IMS High Performance Load through a data “pipe,” reducing the number of I/Os since the need for an unload file is eliminated.
IMS Index Builder
IMS Index Builder enables secondary index information to be passed from the reload task to the index-building task for processing through another data pipe. IMS Index Builder creates secondary indexes for the reorganized database during the reorganization process.
IMS High Performance Image Copy
With IMS High Performance Image Copy, database blocks can be passed directly from the reload task to an image copy task for processing. Image copy data sets can be created for the reorganized database and the rebuilt indexes during the reorganization process.
IMS High Performance Pointer Checker
IMS High Performance Pointer Checker allows HASH pointer checking during the image copy processing. The IMS Parallel Reorganization Driver (IPR Driver) schedules and controls the tasks of unload, reload, index-building, and image copy in a single job step. Since these tasks are handled by the five IBM® high-performance tools and intermediate data is passed between subtasks without physical I/Os, reorganization is completed rapidly.

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