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IMS High Performance Image Copy for z/OS

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Creates high-speed backup and recovery database resources

IBM® IMS™ High Performance Image Copy for z/OS® provides high-speed database copy and recovery features for the rapid backup and recovery of database data sets. It automates the error-prone manual operations normally required to create IMS image copies. It helps you speed database backup and recovery time by supporting quick shots of image copies and restarting methods.

IMS High Performance Image Copy reduces the unavailability time of database data sets. Automated operation capabilities take the database offline before taking a batch image copy and restarts it after the process.

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Save time IMS HP Image Copy reduces running time by creating image copies for more than one database data set. It also decreases the time a database is unavailable during image copy and recovery.
Decrease manual tasks IMS HP Image Copy requires less manual work for controlling output image copy data sets by using a naming template. It minimizes manual database stops/starts with IMS Tools Online System Interface.
Increase efficiency By stacking the output of the Image Copy function, IMS HP Image Copy decreases the number of tape volumes that are used and reduces operational costs.
Centralize management and data IMS HP Image Copy stores reports in a centrally managed repository. It collects database statistics and stores them in a central repository for use with other IMS tools or products.

How IMS High Performance Image Copy works


IBM® IMS™ High Performance (HP) Image Copy for z/OS® creates image copies, which are one of the key resources involved in recovering IMS databases. It supports several different types of image copying and both IBM® and non-IBM fast replication storage processing solutions. It interfaces with the IMS command processor to eliminate the need to stop and restart the IMS database. In addition to image copying the IMS database, IMS HP Image Copy allows copies to be made of the IMS database data sets.

IMS batch and concurrent image copies IMS HP Image Copy can create “batch” image copies or “concurrent” image copies. A batch image copy is created when the IMS database is taken offline with a /DBR or /DBD command or stays online with the IMS DB QUIESCE command. A concurrent image copy is created while the IMS database is still available for updating. A concurrent image copy requires the IMS archived log data sets for recovery as updates might have occurred during the time when the image copy was created.
Fast replication support IMS HP Image Copy supports fast replication storage processors from IBM®, EMC, and Hitachi. With IBM, the tool launches IBM FlashCopy®. With EMC, the tools uses the EMC TimeFinder support. With Hitachi, the tool launches the FlashCopy support provided by Hitachi Emulation software. These storage processors allow image copies to be taken quickly by managing the copying of the data at the storage processor level.
Statistical reports IMS HP Image Copy generates process summary reports during image copying processing. These reports keep a record of image copies created and all reports are stored in the IMS Tool Knowledge Base (ITKB) repository for centralized viewing and historical analysis.

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