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Db2 for i Enhancements

Db2 for i Functional Enhancements

Db2 for i Performance Enhancements

Db2 for i Security Enhancements

Db2 for i Availability Enhancements

  • Improved internal management of SQL packages for SAP clients

New IBM i Services

Enhanced IBM i Services

IBM i Licensed Program: Back-up, Recovery and Media Services

BRMS Technology Updates

  • Modernization of BRMS storage tiering support to now include IFS, IASP, and tiering within an ASP


IBM i Licensed Program: PowerHA SystemMirror for i

PowerHA SystemMirror Technology Updates

  • DS8870 IASP-based HyperSwap support is available in IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i through a Technology Preview


Hardware and Firmware

Hardware Enhancements - Platform

  • IBM Power S822 model 8284-22A (with and without PurePower)
  • Enhanced RAS for PCIe Gen3 I/O Drawer (#EMX0)

Hardware Enhancements - I/O

  • LTO-7 Tape Drives
  • 4-port 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapter (#EN12)

Hardware Enhancements - Virtualization

  • Little Endian Linux Client
  • vNIC with SR-IOV
  • VLAN Tag Support for Network Boot and Install
  • Large Send Offload on Virtual Ethernet

Hardware Enhancements - Functional

  • DUPOPT of IPL-capable media enhancement
  • SAN Multipath Support for Tape - Automatic Fail-over
  • HDD RAID array start time reduced
  • IBM i supports SVC/Storwize HyperSwap Volumes

 Application Development Updates
We are continuing down the road of Modernization and transformation

Our system and environments to meet the ever changing needs of our business. 

  • RPG a Modern Business Language 
  • Open Source  
  • Web Sockets 
  • Zend V8.5

RPG - Free form 

The RPG language continues its ever changing path toward being a 'Modern Business Language'.  This has been our goal for the past several years, listening to our users and transforming the language to meet the needs of our business applications as well as the modern developers of today.  

      Removal of the 8-80 column restriction  

Rational Developer for i 

The developer tooling for the IBM i developer continues to be updated with the latest industry enhancements and requests from our IBM i community. 

  • Built in 5250 emulator 
  • Removal of the 8-80 column restriction
  • Improved free-form RPG formatting 
  • lots more! 

      Rational Developer for i v9.5 updates

IBM HTTP Server Updates 

The IBM HTTP server (Powered by Apache) continues to be updated to meet the every changing Web landscape. The server has been updated to the latest 2.4.12 release level.  Many new updates have been included the most exciting being WebSockets.   Look for these updates in December and details can be found on the IBM i HTTP Server Product Page.

Open Source 

The 5733-OPS product continues to be enhanced. Option 3 will contain the GCC Compiler and Open Source development tool kit.  

Zend Server V.8 

The latest in PHP technology available on IBM i. Many new features have been added including a long asked for, running old and new servers in parallel.  

For details see the Zend on IBM i home page. 

System Access and Management

The world of managing and accessing your system continues to change and evolve.
With the announcement that the iAccess for Windows product will not be supported on Windows 10, we have  been focused on ensuing the functionality our IBM i family had the tools required to access and manage the IBM i from the devices 

used in our modern world


The Web Navigator continues to be updated and enhanced. With our new direction the Access Client Solutions and Web Navigator have been enhanced to work together in a more seamless manner. When you launch the Navigator from the main ACS a connection is created between the 2 interfaces.  This allows you to bypass the signon screen. 

Access Client Solution

Access Client Solutions  continues to evolve based on the input from our many customers. This includes 

  • Simplified multi user deployment  (Oct 2015)
  • Easy access to updates from FTP site - No need for ESS  (Oct 2015)
  • Simplified sign on to Web Navigator - (Dec 2015) 
  • Run SQL Scripts (Dec 2015 ) 
  • SQL Performance Center  (Dec 2015) 

To get access to the ACS Product Access Client Solution Product Page

 PowerVC for i enhancements

A new release of Power Virtualization Center (PowerVC) contains multiple capabilities and enhancements for IBM i to help users to manage the cloud and virtualized environments. For more information, visit 'IBM Power Virtualization Center (PowerVC) for IBM i' Page. 

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