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Remote 3-part name support on ASSOCIATE LOCATOR



Remote 3-part name support on ASSOCIATE LOCATOR


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Two SQL programming topics that are very popular are:

  1. Using external or SQL procedures to deploy modularized application logic.
  2. Using implicit or explicit 3-part RDB name support to seamlessly access remote databases.

Prior to this enhancement, programmers were unable to consume result sets created on behalf of a remote procedure CALL.

With this enhancement, the ASSOCIATE LOCATOR SQL statement is able to target RETURN TO CALLER style result sets created by a procedure that ran on a remote database due to a remote 3-part CALL.

This style of programming is an alternative to the INSERT with remote subselect statement.


  1. Application requestor (AR) target must be IBM i 7.1 or higher
  2. Application server (AS) target must be IBM i 6.1 or higher



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15 January 2020