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The SET_SERVER_SBS_ROUTING procedure provides the ability to configure a server to use an alternate subsystem. This can be for all users of the server, for a specific user profile, or by IP address.

This procedure allows an administrator to reposition certain connections to a server into an alternate, non-default, subsystem. When configured, new incoming TCP/IP server connections will use the alternate subsystem.


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For complete detail, visit this IBM Documentation page: SET_SERVER_SBS_ROUTING procedure

What's new with IBM i 7.5:

  1. Additional servers can be targeted for secure connections

What's new with IBM i 7.3 Level 16, and IBM i 7.4 SF99703 Level 4:

  1. Additional servers can be targeted
  2. Ability to change the default alternate server for all users
  3. Controls for IP specific rerouting

What's new with IBM i 7.3 and IBM i 7.2 SF99702 Level 11:

  1. Additional servers can be targeted
  2. The ALLOW_ROLLOVER configuration option is added

What's new with IBM i 7.2 TR3:

  1. The Remote command server (QZRCSRVS) has been added as a configuration option.

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