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Announcement of Version 9.5 of Rational Developer for i

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Announcement of Version 9.5 of Rational Developer for i


RDi 9.5 has been announced and will be available on September 18.


It is a new release so you will need to install it (you can not 'update' to it).  There are new license activation kits.



  • Addition of a built-in 5250 emulator
  • RemovaI of the 80-column restriction in RPG code editor, to enable fully free-form RPG (use of fully free-form requires corresponding support in the RPG compiler, delivery of which is expected in the form of a TR)
  • Addition of Snippet Support feature in the Push-to-Client feature
  • Enhanced ability to rearrange Remote System Explorer (RSE) Filters
  • Improvements to free-form RPG formatting (indentation support) in the RPG code editor
  • Improved RPG Content Assist
  • General improvements to code coverage analysis capabilities, including significantly improved performance (~ 20x speed improvement is observable for most programs, but not formally benchmarked)
  • Inclusion of a new Update Notifier utility that alerts you to the availability of new product code (patches, fixpacks, modification releases) in Fix Central.
  • Support for Eclipse 4.4.2. Runs on IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 8


For full details, see

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