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The information returned is similar to the detail seen from the Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) command and the List Job (QUSLJOB) API. The ACTIVE_JOB_INFO table function has two uses:

1. To see details for all, or a subset of, active jobs. A subset of active jobs can be requested by using the optional filter parameters.
2. To measure elapsed statistics for active jobs. You can use an optional parameter to reset statistics, similar to the WRKACTJOB command F10 Restart Statistics function. Measurements will be calculated based on this new starting point.


For complete detail, visit this IBM Knowledge Center page: ACTIVE_JOB_INFO table function

Enhanced with IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 13 and IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 24:

  • Add the JOB_NAME_SHORT, JOB_USER, and JOB_NUMBER columns

Enhanced with IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 10 and IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 22:

  • Add the OPEN_FILES column
Enhanced with IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 7 and IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 18:
  • Add the JOB_TYPE_ENHANCED column

What's new with IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 11 and IBM i 7.2 SF99702 Level 23:

  • Optional DETAILED_INFO parameter and many new return columns

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12 April 2021