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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Prepare data

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This page describes how to prepare data to be transferred to IBM.

  1. Gather diagnostic data
  2. Compress data
  3. Send data
    • Send data to IBM by using the most appropriate method.
    • Your IBM SSR informs you what directory to use.
There are three basic steps that need to be followed in order to prepare your data.
Note: These steps apply to all products except hardware , IBM i , z/OS , z/VM , and z/VSE products.

If you are transferring files to IBM support, you need to follow the following naming conventions except if you are transferring files to ECuRep via HTTPS directly. Consider leveraging the upload option integrated in My Support. 

File naming convention for My Support case:

  • Legacy system support formats:
  • File naming convention for ReTAIN PMR:
    Field Description Sample
    xxxxx PMR ticket number 34123
    bbb Branch office number 055

    yyy.yyy Short description of the file
  • File naming convention for RCMS tickets:
  • File naming convention for CROSS or OCPM tickets:

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29 November 2021