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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Prepare data (z/VM)

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There are two basic steps that need to be followed in order to prepare your z/VM files before sending it to IBM:
Gather diagnostic files.
    • Your IBM SSR will inform you what diagnostic data is required.
    • Your IBM SSR will provide you with an IBM My Support (CSP) case number. Please record this number.
  1. Compress and rename files
    •  All diagnostic files delivered electronically to IBM must be in a packed format. 
      Use the PACK option of the CMS COPYFILE command to pack your files.
      These files must also follow the IBM file naming convention.  All filenames must begin with the CSP case number.
      You are sending a z/VM dump file called HTT001 DUMP0001.   Your CSP case number is TS001234567.
      In this example, the file when transferred to IBM must be named TS001234567.HTT001.DUMP0001 .
      z/VM files must be transferred to directory toibm/vm, and in BINARY FIXED 1024 mode. 
      Proceed to the "Send data" section of this website for more information on sending the files.

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26 July 2021