How to ensure you have all the prerequisites you need to successfully apply your fix

Fix Central assists you by automatically searching for and presenting all the prerequisites that your update requires. Some prerequisites might be unavailable through Fix Central. Fix Central currently supports a subset of the entire IBM portfolio, and can only find prerequisites from that set.

For a complete list of supported software available from Fix Central, see Supported products. This list is frequently updated as more products distribute their updates via Fix Central.

If any prerequisite fixes for these products are from other products not in this list, Fix Central cannot currently provide them.

Make sure you understand how to correctly apply a fix, including installation of any prerequisites, by viewing the "details" or "important fix information" links you see next to each fix in Fix Central. If you need updates that are not provided through Fix Central, you can search for them on IBM Support Portal.

If you are not sure what you need, or you are unable to find it, contact IBM technical support or your support provider.

Note: Fix Central does not know what fixes are installed on your systems. If you already have installed some or all prerequisites for a fix, you do not need to download and install them again before applying your fix.