Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Use IoT and plant-floor data to predict and prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Apply data insights to upgrade quality and lower inspection costs.

Using EAM and advanced analytics to create a smarter grid


Keeping the power flowing through a 14,000 km electricity grid requires control of grid operations, maintenance and safety issues. Finland’s Fingrid uses IBM EAM solutions and advanced analytics to manage the grid, monitor asset health and predict equipment failure.

Systems engineering

Connected engineering in the age of IoT. Overcome the complexity of connecting requirements, design, development and deployment for an IoT-enabled, software-driven world.

Putting design teams and management on the same page

NuScale Power

NuScale Power uses IBM Rational DOORS to create a collaborative work environment for continuous engineering that meets detailed, complex and evolving management requirements to design the next generation of nuclear reactors

Worker safety

Transform your employee experience by establishing a safe, clean and modern industrial environment. Wearables can assist maintenance crews and field operations with real-time insights.

Improving safety with and compliance with complete asset knowledge

Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy, Australia’s largest energy company, uses IBM Watson™ to design a cognitive system that consumes, learns and applies data from millions of sources to make smarter decisions across the enterprise

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