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As recent rising ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure have shown, the threat landscape has crossed over from the digital world to the physical. With the US Federal government furthering their investment in hybrid cloud, new approaches for cybersecurity should focus on protecting both systems as well as data - no matter where it is – either on premises, in the cloud or at the edge.

IBM has created a cyber response training facility in Washington D.C. which will leverage X-Force teams and IBM technology to host simulated experiences to improve incident response capabilities.

Understand Cyber Threats and Improve Incident Response with the X-Force Cyber Range in DC

Building on nearly a decade of experience operating cyber response training facilities globally, IBM facilitators at the DC range guide participants through full-scale breach scenarios – ranging from AI code poisoning and destructive attacks to deepfake and zero days attacks. The experience is immersive, and helps participants from companies and agencies work through challenges they would face in real time such as cross-team communication breakdowns, resource issues and navigating new US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) incident reporting requirements.

IBM announces the official opening of the new IBM X-Force Cyber Range in Washington DC
Learn how IBM Security X-Force Services can help you with the U.S. Executive Order on Cybersecurity.
If you are experiencing cybersecurity issues or an incident, contact X-Force® to help

US hotline 1-888-241-9812

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Collaborate on solutions to address cyber threats

DC based cyber range where government clients can collaborate on unique solutions for advanced security threats.


Make intelligence-driven decisions

X-Force researchers create offensive techniques for detecting and preventing threats. X-Force analysts collect and translate threat data into actionable information for reducing risk.

Stay ahead of global threats

Through penetration testing, vulnerability management and adversary simulation services, X-Force Red hackers imagine themselves as threat actors to find security vulnerabilities.

Custom workshops available 

Center workshops can be customized based on agency requirements. Examples include:

In this challenge tailored specifically for federal government agencies, IBM facilitators test and guide teams through a series of cyberattack scenarios, exposing gaps in response plans within a safe environment, allowing federal agency stakeholders to learn best practices based on industry standards and real-world case studies. This federally focused scenario uses the CISA Cybersecurity Incident & Vulnerability Response Playbook (link resides outside ibm.com), developed in accordance with EO 14028 (link resides outside ibm.com), to guide decision making in a realistic cyber crisis scenario. Private sector organizations can take part in a similar scenario, called the Business Response Challenge, tailored to their industries and unique security challenges.

In this hands-on scenario, participants uncover and investigate a cyberattack led by a cybercriminal organization against a fictitious corporation. The Cyber Wargame tests the organization's incident response process, communication and problem solving by positioning technical and business teams in the middle of a realistic cybersecurity incident to see how they would work together to resolve it. This exercise can be run annually to help ensure IR plans and processes are regularly refreshed to meet the latest threats and business challenges. 

This exercise is designed to help participants understand the viewpoint of an attacker by demonstrating the types of tools adversaries are using today and the scope of modern attacks. The session includes relevant insights from X-Force threat intelligence to help participants stay informed and adapt to the latest cyber threats.  

Client success spotlight
Safe citizens, stronger communities Digital public sector information is an attractive target. With IBM, the city of Los Angeles created the Los Angeles Cyber Lab, a secure online community powered by shared threat intelligence. Read the case study
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