As recent rising ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure have shown, the threat landscape has crossed over from the digital world to the physical. With the US Federal government furthering their investment in hybrid cloud, new approaches for cybersecurity should focus on protecting both systems as well as data - no matter where it is – either on premise, in the cloud or at the edge.

IBM plans to create the IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity which will leverage IBM technology and host workshops focused on priorities such as zero trust frameworks and cloud security, complemented by access to IBM Research® labs to collaborate around the future of encryption. The new facility will feature secured laboratory space where government customers can collaborate on unique solutions for advanced security threats leveraging insights from demos of IBM technologies and services.

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Zero Trust – IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity

IBM is a technology collaborator with NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in implementing a Zero Trust architecture project. A Zero Trust approach aims to wrap security around every user, every device, and every connection, every time.  IBM security helps organizations accelerate their Zero Trust journey by defining an integrated, multi-disciplinary Zero Trust strategy and offering a prescriptive set of steps needed to make it actionable.

Strengthening U.S. Government Cybersecurity

The new IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity will direct the full impact of IBM/ Red Hat resources towards hardening cybersecurity across the U.S. Federal government agencies and its supply chain.  U.S. government agencies will have access to breadth and depth of over 8,000 dedicated experts who bring market leading cybersecurity services and solutions to currently secure 100% of the US Fortune 100 companies and 49 out of 50 of the world’s largest financial services and banking companies.


Collaborate on solutions to address cyber threats

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Secured laboratory space at the Center for Government Cybersecurity where government clients can collaborate on unique solutions for advanced security threats.


Learn about relevant blueprints

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With Zero Trust Acceleration and Framing Workshops, teams can learn how to help address changing security mandates. IBM can show you blueprints that follow NIST guidance and can offer high impact and high feasibility. 

Engage with the Center Advisory Group’s team of industry experts and former government officials

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The IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity Advisory Group brings together an advisory group of internal IBM experts and external advisors, including former government officials to advise US Federal customers on historical challenges and help evaluate best practices for navigating current and future regulations.

Access to insights from IBM Research and the IBM Security™ X-Force® research organization

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Along with access to information about security technologies being developed by IBM Research, research from X-Force, an organization that monitors and offers best practices for more than 150 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries, will be available for US Federal customers via center events.

Center session examples

Center workshops can be customized based on agency requirements. Examples include:

Adapting to a zero trust world workshop

Explore the unique implementation needs for government to apply the core principles of zero trust: least privilege access; never trust, always verify; and assume breach. IBM will help agencies learn how blueprints based on successful public and private sector implementations can be used to map their zero trust journey. Customers can also experience the IBM Zero Trust Acceleration workshop to help manage new emerging requirements for a zero trust approach at US Federal agencies.

Data portability challenges for hybrid cloud security workshop

Part of adapting zero trust models is disrupting the architecture design point for IT systems.  Agencies using multi-cloud and multi-tenant environments may be looking to securely modernize their applications and move data between on premise and cloud environments. As part of this workshop, IBM Security architects can demonstrate the use of trusted execution environments, containers, and open standards as a reference point for future hybrid cloud designs.

See continuous compliance in action

In today’s hybrid multicloud environment, addressing compliance with regulations and controls is high demand for resources and risk management. The IBM security and compliance approach can help reduce that burden and can help agencies address continuous compliance to security, privacy and zero trust requirements, even to current NIST standards.

The future of cryptography workshop

With modern day cryptographic techniques threatened by advancements in computing, IBM Research expects to expand its efforts in hardening this essential technology. IBM currently has several Quantum-safe cryptography standards in consideration from NIST and is at the forefront of making data usable while encrypted via Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and Confidential Computing. As part of this Workshop, IBM researchers can help US Federal agency teams understand the implications the technology will have on next generation architectures and security protocols.

Post-quantum cryptography crypto agility demonstrations

During these demonstrations, IBM will discuss with government agencies post-quantum cryptography (PQC) efforts for developing protection against the quantum threat and the range of unique commercial and government solutions. The PQC crypto agility services team will work with government leaders to conduct PQC assessment roadmaps to discover and classify data, identify agency crypto inventory, providing roadmap recommendations amongst other outcomes.

Orchestrate security across hybrid, multicloud environments demonstrations

As part of the center, IBM can demonstrate the capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak® for Security to help orchestrate zero trust approaches. IBM Cloud Pak for Security now combines leading capabilities in threat management and data security into a single, modular, easy to consume solution, connecting workflows with a unified interface to respond quickly to security incidents.

IBM Threat Management offering demonstrations

As part of the center, IBM can demonstrate its market leading capabilities around threat management with IBM Cloud Pak for Security, IBM® QRadar®, IBM Security SOAR, IBM X-Force Exchange, and its threat management services. Powered by technologies like user behavior analytics, federated search across disparate tools, AI-powered incident enrichment, and dynamic incident response playbooks, security professionals can learn how to advance the maturity of their security operations.

Learn how IBM Security X-Force Services can help you with the U.S. Executive Order on Cybersecurity


When It Comes To Cybersecurity, There Is Strength In Partners

IBM Federal leader Terry Halvorsen explains how a culture of cybersecurity acknowledges the need for a holistic approach where the related goals of all participating parties are complementary and interdependent.

The Time to Prioritize Cybersecurity is Now

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna joined President Biden and other business leaders for the White House cybersecurity summit, and shared steps IBM is taking to strengthen defenses and build a more diverse cyber workforce.

Cybersecurity is Main Driver of IT Modernization in Government

As federal government agencies make decisions for their long-term strategies, a study conducted reveals that cyber security is both the primary reason government IT leaders are modernizing their IT infrastructures and the top barrier to change.


The Center for Business Government

The IBM Center for The Business of Government connects research to practice, applying scholarship to real world issues and decisions for government at the federal, state, local, and international levels.

IBM Think® Gov Digital

Think Gov 2021 examines ways to take advantage of the speed, efficiency and innovation that comes with moving to the cloud, and how to accelerate digital transformation within the public sector.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Research Hub

The X-Force Threat Intelligence Research Hub provides insights for for a preemptive approach to cyber security and a view of IBM Security X-Force Services such as incident response, threat intelligence, and managed detection and response.

Zero Trust – IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity

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IBM is a technology collaborator with NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) in implementing a Zero Trust architecture project. IBM security helps define an integrated, multi-disciplinary Zero Trust strategy and offers actionable steps.

Strengthening US Government cybersecurity

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The IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity will use IBM and Red Hat® resources to improve cybersecurity across government agencies and the supply chain. Agencies will have access to more than 8,000 experts who provide market-leading cybersecurity services and solutions.

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