Key features of IBM Power System E950

Improved economics of application delivery

The IBM Power System E950 improves the economics of application delivery and IT services with the POWER9 architecture. This high-performance 4-socket system for medium and large enterprises delivers faster business results by increasing throughput and reducing response time with POWER9 processors and increased memory and I/O bandwidth.

Increased efficiency and lower operations costs

You can increase efficiency and reduce operations costs by consolidating older, underutilized servers. The Power E950 offers a compact, more cost-effective, space and energy efficient 4U form factor than POWER8, with a single system backplane and single cooling domain. It allows you to reduce maintenance, increase resource utilization and efficiency with up to 48 POWER9 cores and up to 16 TB DDR4 memory (4X vs POWER8).

Enhanced resiliency and serviceability

Hot plug, redundant power supplies and cooling are standard on the Power E950. The server offers an N+1 phase redundant voltage regulator subsystem for both processors and memory, and concurrent maintenance on I/O - blind-swap PCIe adapter slots and disks.

Rapid adjustment to changing demands

With the Power E950, you can rapidly adjust to the demands of a changing business climate. The server allows you to dynamically respond to workload changes with IBM PowerVM virtualization. You can seamlessly provision the processor or memory capacity permanently, or only as long as required, with capacity on demand for processors and memory.