03. Use cases

Where are digital workers being used?

There are very few jobs where digital workers won’t be useful. HR, Sales, Customer Service, and Finance are just a few of the departments prime for adoption of digital workers.

Here are two popular use cases — from early adopters — that highlight the potential of digital workers:

In the field of HR, digital employees can take on repetitive, time-consuming tasks and free up employees to focus on decision-making. For example, IBM HR employees use a digital worker, called HiRo, to help with information compiling and formatting tasks needed for the quarterly promotions process, so they can focus on using that information to make the best promotion decisions.

IBM HR piloted HiRo with 1,800 managers for IBM Consulting in North America in the second quarter of 2022. Digital workers helped reduce time spent gathering data and filling nominations forms from eight hours per employee to one, collectively saving about 12,000 hours in that quarter’s promotions process.

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Procurement is another area where tedious tasks can lead employees to de- prioritize their core competencies. Just like HR digital workers can help pull the right employee data at the right time to support human decision-making, digital workers in Procurement can bring relevant data about vendors and sourcing to humans who need to make the best purchasing decisions.

Chapter 4

What should you look for in a digital worker solution?