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IBM Quantum systems

IBM Quantum leads the world in quantum computing systems. We have over 20 systems worldwide, based on our iconic System One.

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IBM Quantum System One

The iconic IBM Quantum System OneThis is the apex of the IBM Quantum computing systems. Created at the frontiers of multiple emerging technologies, IBM Quantum System One is the world’s first integrated quantum computing systems designed for commercial use. IBM Quantum System One supports our 27 qubit Falcon processor, our 65 qubit Hummingbird processor and 127 qubit Eagle processor.

IBM Quantum systems

NY Quantum Computing Data CenterThe NY quantum datacenter is the first of the kind and provides over 20 quantum computing systems for our clients. A key to the success of the data center is the IBM Quantum System One. This system is built to take quantum computing out of the lab and into a commercial environment. The stability, reliability, flexibility and scalability enabled by this design has allowed us to quickly scale the processors while maintaining high availability.

IBM Quantum System Two

The next stage of computeAs quantum computers scale, so do the systems necessary to support them. IBM Quantum System Two is built to support the next stage of quantum computing evolution.This system builds on the innovations of the first-of-its-kind Quantum System One. It integrates the classical compute resources to serve the 433-qubit Osprey and future quantum processors, including modular devices. It also integrates new advanced cooling systems to support physically larger QPUs.

Latest news

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Our new 2022 Development Roadmap

Plans for 4 new quantum processors, breakthrough technologies and leaps forward in scale, quality and speed. Jay Gambetta and team take us on a journey to 2025 and the era of the quantum-centric supercomputer.

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Meet with an IBM Quantum representative

IBM Quantum Ambassadors offer personalized conversations about what quantum can mean for your business or institution, and can walk you through the routes you can take toward readiness and adoption.