Quantum for Developers

Build programs that solve problems in new ways on IBM Quantum systems—the most popular and powerful commercially available quantum hardware in the world. Developing for quantum has never been more accessible.

Hear IBM’s Kayla Lee give you the facts on quantum computing for developers.

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Your frictionless path
to quantum development

Integrate quantum into your workflows with high-level libraries designed for scientific and business applications. Just a call to an API is all it takes to get a quantum result on your classical machine through the cloud—it just works behind the scenes.

Quantum programming:
open source and on the cloud

Prototype applications
on the cloud

Write scripts combining code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text using Quantum Lab, powered by Qiskit. Quantum Lab offers hands-on learning for your first experience with quantum, using interactive tutorials and an open source textbook.

Code your first quantum program
on Quantum Lab

Develop quantum
programs in Python

Qiskit is an open source SDK that expresses quantum computing concepts intuitively and concisely in Python. Qiskit modules offer professionally developed, rigorously tested, and fully documented functionality for a wide range of scientific and business applications.

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Example of programming quantum computers with Qiskit

Projects from the community

View all on Qiskit
Illustration of quantum dice

Quantum Dice: A dice roller app using quantum computing to generate random numbers  

View of city from space with lights on

Quantum image processing: A quantum approach to image processing based on mapping the Earth at night  

Tetris blocks

Qonway’s Game of Life: An adaptation of Conway’s Game of Life  

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Demonstration of Qiskit Blocks

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Follow along with James Weaver as he introduces quantum computing for software developers.

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People collaborating on a project

Three new directions for Quantum Algorithms & Applications

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Video call with four experts

IBM Roundtable: Accelerating the Journey to Quantum App Development

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Qiskit optimization module

The Qiskit Optimization Module starts a path to frictionless quantum computing

Qiskit Optimization module