What IMS Online Reorganization Facility for z/OS can do

IBM® IMS™ Online Reorganization Facility for z/OS® reorganizes many types of IMS databases while they remain accessible to applications. Using this product, the IMS Database Administrator (DBA) can now reorganize an IMS database while allowing full IMS application access to the database.

IMS Online Reorganization Facility for z/OS handles all of the tasks required to reorganize an IMS database including: unloading and reloading the data, resolving database prefixes, rebuilding secondary indexing, validating database pointers and image copying the reorganized database.

IMS Online Reorganization Facility for z/OS

Cover all your reorganization needs

Get all the necessary reorganization procedures in one simple step – eliminating the need for operator intervention during and after reorganization finishes.

Reduce database downtime

Decrease database downtime from hours to seconds – improving database availability for 24x7x365 applications.

Reorganize several database types

Reorganize HDAM, HIDAM, HISAM, SHISAM, PHDAM, and PHIDAM database types.

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  • End-to-end reorganization solution
  • Verification
  • Copy
  • Reorganization
  • Takeover
  • Completion

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