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Manage and maintain IMS database integrity and consistency

IMS™ Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS® helps to validate, compare, map, recover, report and regenerate many IMS libraries needed for operations. It ensures the ACB (Application Control Block), DBD (Database Description), PSB (Program Specification Block) and MFS (Message Format Service) libraries are consistent and have full integrity.

IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS can map and compare database control blocks in these libraries and can recreate source members from compiled control blocks. There is also a sophisticated graphical user interface that shows the relationships between the IMS database and program definitions.

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Prevent database corruption Avoid corruption caused by using an incorrect database description (DBD).
Ensure definitions are in place Confirm that all definitions in an IMS subsystem necessary for database operations are in place.
Compare members of applicable libraries Compare applicable libraries and reports on any differences between them.
Recover critical information Regenerate and recover source control statements for library members.
Make it visual View and work with a graphical representation of library members.
Make it faster Replace the standard IMS-provided Application Control Block (ACB) generation utility with a high speed generation facility.

How IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS works

Stronger resource integrity When an IMS database is loaded with one set of database definitions and then later accessed with another set of database definitions, problems can occur that can result in data integrity issues. The IMS™ Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS® tool can catch these problems before they create serious data integrity problems in IMS production databases. The tool can prevent both IMS batch and online applications problems by verifying the IMS control blocks during database authorization.
Higher resource consistency across libraries IMS Library Integrity Utilities ensures IMS DBD (database) and PSB (application) resources are consistent among key libraries. The tool helps to guarantee that database relationships and definitions exist when the DBD and PSB are created. It has special functions to ensure the IMS ACB library is consistent and free of problems. It verifies that all ACB members were created at the same IMS version and release level. It can also create an IMS ACB from the IMS DBD and PSB control blocks.
Database and application consistency checking IMS Library Integrity Utilities verifies the consistency of IMS database and application resources across multiple libraries. The tool can check up to ten libraries in one job to ensure consistency between IMS DBD, PSB and ACB definitions and between IMS DBRC DB and DSG records in the RECON data sets. The tool can also compare IMS DBD and PSB control blocks that have the same or different names and reside in the same or different libraries.
Convert control blocks to/from utility control statements IMS Library Integrity Utilities can convert IMS DBD, PSB, MFS and ACB control blocks back into their original utility control statements. This is useful when the original source libraries can no longer be found and the definitions need to change. The tool can compare IMS Message Format Service (MFS) terminal screen definitions that reside in the same or different IMS MFS libraries.
Reports that help manage IMS databases and applications IMS Library Integrity Utilities can create many reports to help IMS Database Administrators manage the IMS DBD, PSB, ACB, and MFS libraries, the IMS DBRC RECON data set, and the IMS Catalog. Reports include detailed mappings of the IMS DBD, PSB and ACB definitions – as well as matrix reports showing the comparisons between multiple database and application libraries. There are also reports that summarize the contents of all of the IMS DBD, PSB and ACB library data sets.
Graphical user interface When the IMS Library Integrity Utilities DBD/PSB Viewer extension is installed to the IBM Management Console, the user can gain a graphical view of the IMS database and application structures. The IMS DBD and PSB source can be seen as well as the relationships between the IMS DBDs and the logical DBDs and the DBDs and the PSBs.

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