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Improve management by simplifying prefix resolution and update tasks

IBM® IMS™ High Performance (HP) Prefix Resolution for z/OS® resolves and updates prefixes of IMS databases involved in logical relationships – as a single job step. It creates a data set for resolving the logical relationship pointers that are defined for the databases. Then the Prefix Update function updates the prefix of each segment whose prefix information was affected by a database load, reorganization – or both.

The tool improves database management by simplifying prefix resolution and update tasks. It reduces reorganization elapsed and CPU time by resolving logical relationship pointers quickly while reducing resource consumption.

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Resolves pointer relationships Ensure pointer relationships are resolved and ready for production use after loading or reorganizing logically related databases.
Combines steps for efficiency Combine prefix resolution and update functions as a single job step.
Eliminates intermediate steps Use HPPRPIPE data transfer service, which eliminates the requirement for intermediate work data sets and reduces elapsed time and resource consumption.
Reduces tape handling, DASD allocation Eliminate the intermediate work data sets DFSURWF2 and DFSURWF3, resulting in less tape handling and Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) allocation.
Minimizes requirements Reduce or avoid much of the I/O, tape handling, and DASD requirements that are often associated with prefix resolution and prefix update.

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How it works IBM® IMS™ High Performance (HP) Prefix Resolution for z/OS® resolves and updates IMS database prefixes that are involved in IMS database logical relationships. The tool performs this work in two steps: IMS Prefix Resolution and IMS Prefix Update. IMS Prefix Resolution immediately creates a data set to resolve the logical relationship pointers that are defined for the IMS database.
Integrated with IMS Index Builder
IMS HP Prefix Resolution is integrated with IMS Index Builder to resolve secondary index pointers, too. IMS HP Prefix Resolution uses a number of special work files to eliminate I/O and reduce data set allocations to improve the performance of IMS database prefix resolution. It also creates reports showing the activities performed. These reports are stored in the IMS Tools Knowledge Base Repository.
IMS Prefix Update IMS Prefix Update updates IMS database prefixes affected by database loads, database reorganizations – or both. It can run as a standalone step or together with IMS HP Prefix Resolution. There is also a special buffer handler that improves the performance of IMS Prefix Update. If the IMS database is registered to Database Recovery Control (DBRC), the IMS Prefix Update step will issue DBRC Reorganization notifications to indicate the IMS database prefixes were updated.
Why it will help your operation IMS HP Prefix Resolution enables you to accomplish these tasks in a considerably easier and faster way by simplifying the job steps and eliminating the use of specific resources. With these advanced features, IMS HP Prefix Resolution facilitates and speeds up the tasks of database administrators (DBAs) and enhances the availability of your system and human resources.

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