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IBM® IMS™ Database Solution Pack for z/OS® enables your organization to manage IMS full function and high availability large databases (HALDBs) in one solution. It integrates all IMS database software and offers features to help ensure that your databases are tuned and operational. The solution pack helps reduce operational complexity and the impact of database reorganization on your system resources. The solution pack integrates with IBM Tools Base Autonomics Director for z/OS to help you maintain the performance of IMS, and includes IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2® to consolidate information from IBM IMS and IBM Db2 for z/OS systems.
IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS

Improve efficiency

Offers high performance utilities to unload, load, index build, reorganize, backup, verify and report on your IMS full function and HALDB databases.

Reduced administration

Incorporates Autonomics Director to automate recurring database monitoring and maintenance tasks, including the collection and evaluation of system statistics, and reorganizations.

Deepen view

Extends the capabilities of the Administration Console by using a simpler web interface which provides detailed insight into the health and availability.

Maintain service

Use advanced copy technology to provide fast backup and recovery of your data sets. Offers high speed unloading and prefix resolution for logically related databases.

IMS Database Solution Pack components

  • IMS Administration Tool
  • IMS Database Reorganization Expert
  • IMS HALDB Toolkit
  • IMS High Performance Image Copy
  • IMS High Performance Load
  • IMS High Performance Pointer Checker
  • IMS High Performance Prefix Resolution
  • IMS High Performance Unload
  • IMS Index Builder
  • IMS Library Integrity Utilities
  • IMS Online Reorganization Facility

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