IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks
Monitor mainframe network operations with problem insights and root-cause analysis
Flat-style illustration of the IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks dashboard showing network anomalies affecting performance

IBM Z® OMEGAMON® AI for Networks collects network performance management data across IBM Z systems. It can proactively monitor and manage network performance of IBM Z systems resources and mission-critical applications. It is a part of the OMEGAMON family of software products.

IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks senses poor or unstable network connections that hamper application performance, determine which traffic is cryptographically protected with z/OS® Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) and helps you to quickly pinpoint root causes to maintain high availability of services and improve user productivity. It enables the management of multiple IBM Z systems and network stacks from a single interface to improve user productivity and operational scalability.

Integrate with other products within the OMEGAMON family to deliver seamless z/OS management capabilities.

Whats new

Summary of features and updates for Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks

Discover version 6.1 - a new standalone product that delivers new Machine Learning

Benefits Drive advanced standardization

Standardize events, incidents, problems and availability management across domains and platforms.

Leverage powerful integration

Use extensive integration with NetView® for z/OS, Tivoli® Enterprise Portal, OMEGAMON suites, IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps, system automation and open platforms to achieve operational excellence.

Get near real-time reporting and monitoring

Exploit added monitoring support for Enterprise Extender (EE) and High Performance Router (HPR) connections, Shared Memory Communications, 10 GbE RoCE Express and Internal Shared Memory.

Detect intrusions

Monitor IP security to detect intrusions and identify culprits. Protect traffic with z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology monitoring.

Use alert notification and autocorrect

Track FTP job status and monitor performance throughput with alert notifications and automated actions to correct problems.

Get operational insights proactively

Enable IT teams to proactively identify common operational issues and define alert thresholds with OMEGAMON AI Insights.

Enhanced problem resolution

Get better problem analysis and increased problem resolution functions with enhanced 3270 UI near-term historical display support. It is designed to perform real-time and historical problem analysis on your networking resources in a single interface.

Historical data collection and reporting

Improved network functionality

Find network resources quickly with the FIND command for easier use. You can debug network issues faster with PING, NSLOOKUP, and TRACERTE commands.

Quickly find network resources with the FIND command

Faster debugging of network problems

Fast track problem isolation by utilizing product navigation jump commands such as NETWORK (or NETMENU), VTAM (or VTAMMENU), TCPIP (or TCPIPMENU) and OSA.

Identifying OSA adaptor issues

Get detailed OSA-Express performance information for your enterprise. Verify whether the ports associated with a particular OSA adaptor have errors or have been configured correctly. Enable proactive alerting so that support teams can respond to and avoid traffic issues, or buffer space constraints.

Interfaces and OSA use cases Investigate interfaces and OSA issues with the OSA command

Securing network traffic

Display availability and performance statistics for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) tunnels known to the IKE daemon for a specific stack. View the IP stack security configuration information and IP stack security statistics and monitor all zERT TLS (Transport Layer Security) and Secure Shell (SSH) security sessions.

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) tunnels attributes

Operational insights with IBM OMEGAMON

Leverage IBM Z OMEGAMON AI Insights as an AI/ML model to process a curated list of key performance indicators to identify anomalies indicative of poor performance and trends.

Use IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider to quickly help detect problems, determine response and automate actions to remediate and prevent future occurrences.

Configuring OMEGAMON AI Insights Configuring IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider

Enhanced 3270 UI workspaces

Use an expanded list of 3270 UI workspaces including: Enterprise Mainframe Networks Health, Enterprise TCPIP and VTAM Overview, TCPIP Address Space Details, VTAM Address Space Details, VTAM Buffer Pools and VTAM Buffer Pool Details, Shared Memory Communications over Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), or Shared Memory Communications over RDMA (SMC-R) and Dynamic Virtual IP Addresses (DVIPA) currently in use.

Using the OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface
Technical details
Software and hardware prerequisites

Tivoli® Management Services must already be installed. Versions of all the required products for IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks are provided in the product package.

However, if you already installed V5.1.0 of another IBM Z OMEGAMON monitoring agent on z/OS in your enterprise, you can use the currently installed Tivoli Management Service components. 

See the prerequisites
Required software

Explore the required levels of software for Tivoli Management Services components, z/OS, Tivoli NetView for z/OS, and other software.

Supported hardware

Deploy on any IBM Z processor capable of running z/OS V2.3.0, or later.

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IBM zSystems Integration for Observability

Stream OMEGAMON data to enhance observability on z/OS.

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Next steps

Explore IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks. Schedule a no-cost 30-minute meeting with an IBM Z representative.

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