Integrations with IBM Watson Orchestrate
IBM Watson Orchestrate integrates leading productivity and collaboration apps so your digital worker can relieve you of time-consuming tasks
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What are integrations?

You use a lot of different business apps and systems and, too often, they don’t talk to each other. So you have to enter the same information multiple times. IBM Watson Orchestrate™ integrations connect the systems so your digital worker (digey) can easily access the information you need, and deliver it to you faster.

As we expand capabilities, expect to see more of these integrations added to the list, so check back often.

ThisWay Global

Enables digey to prepare a list of potential candidates, filter based on customized criteria, and encourage diverse talent to quickly apply.

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Microsoft Outlook

Enables digey to perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, and more.

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Oracle HCM

Enables digey to work with job descriptions, job postings and candidate follow up to help you find the strongest talent.

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Enables digey to create accounts, campaigns and contacts; track leads and opportunities; initiate orders, and more.

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Enables digey to help create and update job requisitions, as well as manage candidate assessments.

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Microsoft Teams

Enables digey to automate alerts, notifications and other repetitive tasks, as well as aggregate and streamline approvals.

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Enables digey to send messages, follow up on job requisitions, share calendars and more.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Enables digey to share lists, files and meetings so you can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.  

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Google Drive

Enables digey to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.

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Enables digey to source and nurture candidates, post jobs, get application information and share postings.
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How it works
Skills All you have to do is ask Get started in minutes using pre-built skills designed for you and your needs. Message your digey just like you would a co-worker, and digey does the rest, drawing from a catalog of skills to execute on your requests, in context and in the right order. See the skills catalog
Do I need to master the apps that are integrated with Watson Orchestrate?

You just have to know what you want to do. Your digey will access the skills and capabilities of the apps to deliver fast results.

I use lots of other applications to get my work done. Will they be added?

We want to make your digey as capable as possible, so we are working hard on integrating a list of the most popular business apps. Stay tuned as we connect more, and submit requests to the Idea Portal.

Is it difficult to get connected?

You can easily access the apps by typing in your own credentials. No new paths or processes to remember.

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