There’s one version of the truth. Make sure everyone sees it

Without transparency across your supply chain, it can be difficult to control costs, minimize inefficiencies, take on new business demands and manage customer expectations.

IBM® Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence Multi-Enterprise Edition removes transaction blind spots between partners with multi-enterprise shared visibility from order through delivery. This solution allows you and your trading partners to have a single version of the truth with a secure, immutable IBM Blockchain relationship that deepens trust and transparency.

BTI screenshot
Laptop showing analytics dashboard

Actionable insights

Leverage AI machine learning for alerts and predictive insights to get ahead of disputes:

  • Natural language search, powered by Watson™, enables anyone to quickly find any business transaction
  • Alerts notify members of a shared visibility relationship of document discrepancies
  • Cycle time predictions recognize patterns and predict the completion date of events such as order acknowledgement and shipped in-full

A trusted, multi-enterprise single version of the truth

Benefit from a single, immutable record of supply chain events. Ensure security of your transaction data with role-based, field-level permissions.

  • Reduce the number of disputes and time to dispute resolution with trading partner consensus
  • Experience frictionless partner connectivity with real-time transaction updates

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BTI ME onboarding screen

Rapid time to value

Quickly onboard clients to a blockchain relationship and leverage your existing investments to begin realizing business value from shared, immutable, data-driven insights.

  • Experience immediate business benefits by building on existing EDI investments
  • Use self-service onboarding to add partners in hours, instead of days or weeks
  • Realize quick business value with two to three trading partners — add more partners for even greater value