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Introduction to IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS

A cloud-based, AI-enabled business network that streamlines collaboration and deepens B2B transaction visibility.

Experience what AI brings to supply chain

Take a self-guided tour of IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS.

Business Transaction Intelligence

Provides business visibility for supply chain transactions communicated over the IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS.

See how BTI with Watson can help detect anomalies before they impact your business.

White papers The future of EDI: An IBM point of view

By modernizing B2B integration – complementing EDI with blockchain, IoT and AI – you can achieve supply chain excellence.

The AI revolution

Learn how AI technology can transform your business network.

Analyst reports IDC: Driving strategic value with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

Modernize B2B integration by enabling enterprise to achieve their goals of increasing revenue, up time and efficiencies.

IDC Spotlight: A thinking supply chain

In this era of digital transformation, learn how IDC defines the five “Cs” critical to building a smarter supply chain.

Other resources IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS - Peppol

A single, digital business network with Peppol Access Point to simplify trade and help ensure compliance with B2G and B2B standards.

IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS - RosettaNet

A single, digital business network with RosettaNet to simplify trade, streamline collaboration and expand visibility.

IBM Global Business Partners: Get started faster with IBM experts

Learn about the IBM Business Partner ecosystem—poised to help you deploy, implement, customize and integrate faster.

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