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Services overview

IBM Sterling® B2B Integration SaaS offers three pricing options, starting at USD 2,800 for 12 months for the Essentials edition. It includes secure data exchange and the ability to expand. The Standard edition focuses on data format and standards, while the Premium edition adds managed services and support. 

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Edition options and features

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Essentials edition

Standard edition

Premium edition

Includes IBM Sterling B2B Integration VAN

Secure protocol-based document routing and delivery

Support for industry and technical standards

Data transformation and mapping functionality on the cloud

Comprehensive track and trace visibility 

AI-enhanced anomaly detection and natural language search

Self-serve management for common configuration capabilities

Real-time web services, processing and data enrichment

Complex business rules or routing, pre- and post-processing

Designated IBM project executive

Managed service with proactive document flow monitoring and error resolution

Option to have IBM directly support your trading partners

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B2B Integration SaaS is part of the IBM Sterling® Data Exchange family of offerings. For customers needing only VAN data routing, see our IBM Sterling® B2B Integration Value-Added Network (VAN) offering. For customers interested in integrating all their complex B2B and EDI processes across partner communities in a single gateway, see our IBM Sterling® B2B Integrator.

IBM Sterling B2B Integration VAN

Automate the connecting, delivering and routing of your B2B EDI transactions with this trusted, reliable business network.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Focus on the workflow orchestration that accompanies data exchange, which includes transforming data into a variety of B2B standards and protocols, as well as performing validation.

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