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What is the latest version of IBM® Rational® Change?

IBM Rational Change V5.3.1 provides greater productivity, manageability and change management efficiencies.

How does V5.3.1 improve performance?

The collapsible and expandable home page reports with user lever settings help reduce the load on the server during peak hours. Database-specific home pages complement the home page reports, allowing only the relevant reports to run. Faster search is supported using JDBC for indexing.

How does V5.3.1 improve usability and serviceability?

CCM_NUMBER attribute types can be set as integers that can hold only integer values. Integer queries can be performed using mathematical operators with the ability to filter and sort based on specific criteria. Ad hoc relational reports provide reporting formats based on the object relationships.

How does V5.3.1 improve administration?

Database-specific home pages allow users to manage home page content. Dynamic privileges use project security to assign roles to groups of users. Decentralization of administration allows project administrators with editor privileges to manage most project-specific activities.

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