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Unleash the power of no-code computer vision for visual inspection automation
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Empower your subject matter experts with automated visual inspection

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection puts the power of computer vision AI capabilities into the hands of your quality control and inspection teams. It makes computer vision, deep learning, and automation more accessible to your technicians as it’s an intuitive toolset for labelling, training, and deploying artificial intelligence vision models. Built for easy and rapid deployment, simply train your model using our drag and drop visual user interface or import a custom model, and you’re ready to activate when and where you need it using mobile and edge devices. With IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, you can create your own detect and correct solution, with self-learning machine algorithms. Watch the demo below to understand how easy it is to automate your inspections processes with visual inspection tools.  

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In this self guided demo, you'll learn how to create and train an AI vision model, perform automated quality inspection, and use advanced capabilities of Edge and mobile inspections.

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Benefits Accelerate defect detection

Continuously improve quality control through real-time end-to-end defect detection anywhere on the production line, support root cause analysis and boost manufacturing workflows.

Read how Ford transformed their factory floor using MVI
Gain the flexibility to train and deploy anywhere

Simplify the process of gathering and labeling data sets, training models, and deploying those AI models at the edge.

See how Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre optimized data training
Boost uptime with 24/7 real-time monitoring

Automate data labeling for deep-learning models to quickly spot and stop issues, alerting the right resource to inspect, diagnose and rectify any issue, anywhere.

Learn how Melbourne Water improved their stormwater management
Enable any subject matter expert (SME)

Provide SMEs the tools to codify their knowledge through an AI-powered visual inspection system that is fast and easy to create.

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Increase worker safety through visual inspection software

Monitor and enforce inspection tasks and regulations for safety to protect workers from hazardous environments and dangerous conditions.

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Visual inspection solutions
IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Edge Scale quality control The IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Edge suite interacts with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI) to deploy AI vision models to edge devices at scale. MVI Edge can be connected to multiple cameras including specialized high resolution cameras, drones and cameras on vehicles. The MVI Edge dashboard provides users the functionality to manage image analysis and view real-time inspections across multiple facilities or plants around the world. In addition, users can create inspection rules for defect detection. See how Sund and Baelt streamlined their operations
IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile on iOS Quality assurance for mobile IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile is a native iOS/iPadOS mobile app designed to enhance the capabilities of IBM Maximo Visual Inspection by rapidly scaling visual inspections to achieve lightning-fast ROI. Simply download MVI Mobile from the AppStore to run automated visual inspections at fixed locations or in the field. Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile delivers agility with point-and-click ease through the footprint of a mobile app while providing real-time, AI-powered inspection results. In a matter of hours, you can collect images from the mobile device to train complex computer vision models and deploy on the device to perform inferencing. The result is a dramatic improvement in production quality inspection and speed to help you detect defects and rework assets in the field.
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