Amplify QA with IBM® Maximo® Visual Inspection Mobile on iOS

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile, part of the IBM Maximo Application Suite, is a native iOS/iPadOS mobile app designed to enhance the capabilities of IBM Maximo Visual Inspection by rapidly enabling and scaling visual inspections to achieve lightning-fast ROI. It helps make AI more accessible and simplifies the process of training, deploying, running and managing computer vision models.

Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile delivers agility with point-and-click ease though the footprint of a mobile app while providing a powerful real-time AI-powered inspection point and data management platform. In a matter of hours, you can train complex computer vision models and deploy the trained model to the device to perform inferencing. The result is a dramatic improvement in production quality inspection and speed to help you spot defects in assets in the field and error-proof your manufacturing.

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection dashboard

Benefits of Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile


Performs AI-powered visual inspection using portable, COTS hardware (iOS/iPadOS devices)


Provides immediate, actionable notifications by email or SMS


Scales globally and has robust management and configuration capabilities


Designed for simple operation that requires minimal human training


Enables accurate, efficient visual inspection at fixed locations and in the field

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