Jetty Monitoring
Jetty Monitoring and Performance Management

Eclipse Jetty acts in a dual capacity – as a Java HTTP Web Server and as a Servlet container. This dual role makes Jetty a valuable communication component within software frameworks. That’s one reason Jetty is a popular platform for containerized microservice applications. Optimizing application performance on Jetty requires Jetty platform monitoring as well as visibility for monitoring the applications running on the Jetty platform.

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Instana’s Jetty Monitoring Sensor

Instana’s Jetty monitoring agent Eclipse Jetty because its dual roles of Java HTTP web server and servlet container make it a valuable component of inter-machine communication within massive software frameworks. This agent sensor is fully incorporated into Instana’s Infrastructure and Application Monitoring solution and provides comprehensive monitoring of any and all Jetty servers and servlet containers within a deployed framework. Instana discovers all available Jetty hosts, understands the dependencies / interactions between them and other applications, and automatically begins monitoring the health and performance of each server.

Instana applies automation and artificial intelligence tools in monitoring Jetty to effectively assist DevOps optimize their Jetty servers and servlet containers. Some of those tools include predictive problem detection and AI-assisted root cause analysis. Instana effectively reduces the cost of maintaining Jetty expertise within a client’s operations.

Jetty Performance and Health Monitoring

Instana monitors Jetty’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to support distributed tracing of all transactions across monitored Jetty servers. Every single request is tracked and recorded, providing a comprehensive view of code health as it runs in production, including the ability to drill down into the source code in the event of errors. Additionally, Jetty’s Service KPIs are collected to understand its performance in the context of the entire environment.

Instana AI uses advanced statistical analysis, a set of specific Knowledge Base rules, and applied machine learning to determine the real-time health status of each Jetty server and servlet container.

Jetty Performance and Configuration Monitoring

Instana’s Jetty agent sensor gathers all critical metrics to determine the health of each server and servlet container, and the performance of each host call. Tracking Jetty server’s configuration data allows Instana to monitor any and all changes to those servers and correlate them with emerging performance issues.

Jetty performance and configuration monitoring is summarized in a single dashboard that combines all relevant data about the servers or servlet containers’ performance. This dashboard allows IT Ops and DevOps to see the real-time state of any Jetty server in the monitored environment for easy problem solving and performance optimization.

Jetty performance monitoring centers around metrics relevant to those web applications and microservices that depend on its HTTP call management capabilities. Instana’s Jetty agent sensor automatically identifies and collects those metrics during Instana’s quick and painless installation. Below is an example screenshot of a Jetty performance dashboard.

Jetty Monitoring Data


Tracked Configuration
  • Version
  • Started At
  • Queued Thread Pool
  • Connector
  • Web Apps
  • Queued Thread Pool Statistics
  • Sessions per Web App
    Jetty Monitoring Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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