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Couchbase Monitoring and Performance Management

Couchbase Monitoring is an important part of Instana’s automated microservices application monitoring. Couchbase Server (link resides outside of is a powerful NoSQL database technology that excels at supporting mission-critical applications at scale while maintaining submillisecond latencies and 99.999% availability. Major features of Couchbase Server include:

  • N1QL query language
  • Analytics
  • ACID transaction
  • Eventing
  • Active-active global replication
  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS)
  • Enterprise Grade Security
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Instana Couchbase Monitoring Configuration

Couchbase monitoring is part of Instana’s automated Application Performance Monitoring solution, which operates on a single agent methodology. When deployed into an infrastructure containing Couchbase Server, the Instana agent automatically detects the technology and configures itself to monitor Couchbase Server along with its configuration data and performance metrics. The only setup required is providing credentials to access the Couchbase Monitoring information.

Couchbase Server Performance and Configuration Monitoring

After Instana automatically deploys its Couchbase Server monitoring, it will immediately map out Couchbase Server’s infrastructure. The Instana agent sends all data back to our Dynamic Graph model, which stores and contextualizes all collected monitoring data. Instana collects data both at the node and cluster levels. Typical configuration data collected are:

  • Hostname
  • Version
  • Status
  • Buckets
  • Cluster Name
  • Node
  • etc.

Some example metrics collected are:

  • Used memory
  • Used disk
  • Items in disk write queue
  • Items put to disk queue per sec
  • Items written to disk per sec
  • etc.

A complete list is available in the Instana Couchbase Server Monitoring Documentation.

Understanding Couchbase Cluster Performance

Instana automatically collects the following Couchbase Cluster performance monitoring metrics:

  • Cluster Throughput
    • Operations per sec
    • Gets per sec
    • Sets per sec
Instana’s Couchbase Bucket Monitoring

Instana automatically collects the following Couchbase Bucket monitoring metrics at the node and cluster level:

  • Statistics per bucket
    • Items
    • Throughput
    • Operations per sec
    • Gets per sec
    • Sets per sec
    • Used resources
    • Used memory
    • Used disk
    • Cache
    • Active items resident in cache
    • Cache miss
    • Disk reads per sec
    • Active items ejected per sec
    • Fragmentation
    • Docs fragmentation
Installing Instana’s Couchbase Monitoring

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