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Delivers the exact test data you need for continuous testing
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Right test coverage. Right data. On demand.

Testing continuously requires the availability of the right test data, delivered at the right time, which exactly matches the needs of test cases. IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Test Data Orchestrator uses easy-to-define determining attributes, determining values and filter rules to calculate a comprehensive test data coverage matrix with the exact cross-section of data values required for testing. It automatically extracts matching data from anonymized gold copies or synthetically generates data if it doesn't exist, and easily interfaces with other solutions in your DevOps toolkit to generate automated tests and refresh test data on demand.

User requirements collaboration

Simplify capturing testing requirements through business user collaboration features that help you create more effective test data environments.

Determination of optimal test data coverage

Create a test data coverage matrix, which exactly calculates the test data required to test everything that matters with the smallest amount of data possible.

Test coverage repository for easy reuse

Coverage creates a matrix, which tells you exactly what you need to test. Once defined, the coverage matrix can be applied across environments and releases, and integrated with other testing tools.

Versioning supports multi code releases

Store test data in the Optim Test Data Orchestrator warehouse, where developers and testers can create, maintain and refresh multiple versions of test data to easily support various releases.

API allows seamless testing integration

Speeds up testing with tools that automatically execute tests using matching test data.

Reduced production software defects

Provision the exact test data needed to support continuous testing and continuous integration, ensuring everything that needs testing is tested to reduce defects.

Key features
Rapidly deploy lean test environments

Enable developers and testers to rapidly build test data environments with easy-to-define rules.

Automate your data and test assembly

Generate automated tests and refresh test data on demand to help keep your continuous integration pipeline running efficiently.

Integrate with other tools with an open REST API

Seamlessly interface with test data management solutions and integrate automated testing tools into your continuous delivery pipeline with a powerful API platform.

Maintain quality; reduce risk

Pull copies of only the production data you need and fabricate synthetic data to fill in any gaps. Catch errors before writing a single test case, assembling new test data with the push of a button.

Store test copies in a test data warehouse

Create, maintain and refresh multiple versions of test data to support various code releases.

Capture business requirements

Easily collaborate with business users to capture testing requirements and store them in an editable, reusable repository.

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