Imagine working 10 times faster. Now you can.

There are many factors that make data preparation challenging — from understanding where to find the data to getting it approved by IT and then formatting it. When you look at your current process, how many days or months have you spent preparing data?

IBM® InfoSphere® Advanced Data Preparation software can help reduce data preparation time, so that you can focus on using business-ready data with analytics or business intelligence tools to drive business value. With InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation, you’re in control of your data. The intuitive dashboard can provide machine learning recommendations so you can transform your data with a few clicks.

Read the ebook: The eight simple building blocks for data preparation (PDF, 8.3 MB)

Dive into three business realities fueling the need for enterprise data preparation.

Dive into three business realities fueling the need for enterprise data preparation. Read the blog post

InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation features


Format, join and cleanse data sets with machine learning recommendations. No coding required.


Visualize data quality, frequency and lineage in a modern UI.


Share transformed data sets with others in your organization and with BI/analytics tools.

Self service

Work with confidence knowing data is compliant with IT’s measures of governance.

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