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IBM File Manager for z/OS® provides flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing when working with z/OS data sets, Db2®, CICS®, IMS™ or WebSphere® MQ data. File Manager brings with it the standard browse, edit, copy, batch and print utilities of the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) so that developers may work with their structured data more efficiently.

File Manager for z/OS detailed system requirements

Benefits Extensive tools for faster development

Speed up development time with an extensive editing suite, intentionally designed to mimic the ISPF interface. Intuitive workflows allow you to copy, edit, compare and display data with ease.

Options to choose interactive or batch

Choose either interactive or batch mode when working with data in COBOL and PL/I record layouts.

Safeguard personal information

A scrambling algorithm modifies data fields while maintaining their system data type. The user has complete control over the type of scrambling performed.

Templates that give you a head start

Use templates that are purpose built to support specific types of data management and analysis. Use the customized logical view of the data to view and manipulate data in records as discrete fields.

Choose your components

With four components: Base, CICS, IMS, and Db2; you get to select and install only the components that are relevant to your environment.

Making sense, made simple

Identify the structure of your records and display each field in a format that humans can actually read and interpret without an advanced degree or decades of experience.

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